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Bushido net worth and earnings – how rich is he?

How much money does Bushido have?

Bushido is one of the most successful rappers in Germany. With his style assigned to the gangsta rap genre, the son of a German mother and a Tunisian father enjoys countless fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The cherished Bushido assets are 20 million euros. We list further down in the text how the assets are made up in detail. His documentary “Uncensored – Bushido’s Truth” started on Amazon Prime in November 2021.

Bushido fortune
Bushido started hip hop in 1998. At that time, the rapper, operating under the pseudonym Sonny Black, was mainly active in the underground of Berlin and built up his first fan base here. He supplied his fans with underground tapes, and his first national successes followed when he joined the Aggro Berlin label. Here he formed a duo with his partner Fler and also drew attention to himself with various solo productions.

Own label

In 2004, the separation from Aggro Berlin followed and the move to his own label, which the rapper called ersguterjunge (now: bushidoersguterjunge). With the first following productions, Bushido established itself even better with the fans and could be celebrated. The first album, which could reach the first place in the charts, was “From the skyline to the curb back”. Furthermore also took place here Platinum awards as well as various prizes, such as the Comet. Active artists under his label are currently nu Animus (since 2019) and Young Piano (since 2018). Success rapper Capital Bra (2018 – 2019) as well Samra (2017-2019) recently separated again.

In 2009 Bushido shot his own movie “Times change you“About his life and also wrote a book. He worked with his then rival Sido and released the record with the rapper called “23”. This was followed by a cooperation with Kay One, which was, however, dissolved again.


To date, he has released eleven solo albums, including Sonny Black, which was released on February 14, 2014 and features guest contributions by Kollegah, Farid Bang and Shindy. With the album “Carlo Cokxxx Nutten 3”, released in February 2015, he also achieved gold status. His album “Black Friday” was released in June 2017, but apart from a streaming record it also got gold. The so far last album Mythos was released in 2018 and celebrated moderate success.

year Surname Publication date Collaboration Label
2019 Carlo Cokxxx hookers 4 20th December 2019 with animus ersguterjunge
2018 myth 28th September 2018 ersguterjunge, Sony Music
2017 Black Friday June 9, 2017 ersguterjunge, Sony Music
2015 Cla $$ ic November 6, 2015 with Shindy ersguterjunge, Sony Music
2015 Carlo Cokxxx hookers 3 February 13, 2015 ersguterjunge, Sony Music
2014 Sonny Black February 14, 2014 ersguterjunge, Sony Music
2012 AMYF October 12, 2012 ersguterjunge, Sony Music
2011 23 October 14, 2011 with Sido Sony BMG / Columbia
2011 Beyond Good and Evil May 13, 2011 ersguterjunge / Sony Music
2010 Berlin’s Most Wanted October 22, 2010 with Fler & Kay One ersguterjunge
2009 Carlo Cokxxx hookers 2 September 11, 2009 with Fler ersguterjunge, Sony Music
2008 Heavy metal payback October 10, 2008 ersguterjunge / Sony BMG
2007 7th November 2, 2018 ersguterjunge / Sony BMG
2006 From the skyline to the curb back June 22, 2018 ersguterjunge / Universal
2005 Public Enemy No. 1 November 4, 2005 ersguterjunge / Universal
2005 Carlo Cokxxx Hookers II April 4, 2005 with Saad ersguterjunge
2004 Electro ghetto October 25, 2004 ersguterjunge / Universal
2003 From the curb to the skyline July 14, 2003 aggro Berlin
2002 Carlo Cokxxx hookers October 21, 2002 with Fler aggro Berlin

How rich is Bushido? The assets in detail

The musician and hip hop producer has numerous sources of income, creating a Millions in assets could be generated. First and foremost, he earns through the sale of his records, tours, merchandise and collaborations with other artists and rappers who publish albums under his label ersguterjunge (bushidoersguterjunge since 2011). He also owns a shop on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, where fashion designed by him is available for sale. His aquarium shop “Into the blue” should also do very well in Berlin.

Bushido’s feature film also earned high earnings, as did the sale of the autobiography, which immediately took the top position on the bestseller list. Another source of money is his activity as a Entrepreneur in the real estate segment. Here Bushido is co-owner of a company that buys and sells apartments. One year after it was founded in 2008, it had already made a profit of one million euros. Over the years, a handsome income for Bushido should have come together here as well. Since the artist has become quieter lately, the serious real estate business could generate more income than music.

Bushido income

  • Mercedes S 63 AMG with 585 PS
  • Own home in Kleinmachnow near Berlin

Preferred brands

Due to various public statements in interviews and in texts, Bushido has always caused controversy in the past. Bushido is repeatedly accused of being gay and misogynistic in his texts. According to statements from Bushido, however, he considers these allegations to be unfounded and refers to the art form of rap music in his lyrics.

Crime and the Abou Chaker Clan

Bushido is also said to have direct links to organized crime. In this context, there have been repeated reports from the Abou Chaker clan in the past. However, the rapper surely separated from his long-term business partner and best man Arafat Abou-Chaker in March 2018. At the beginning of July the track “For you all” was released together with Samra and Capital Bra, where Bushido now also settles with Arafat:

You are right, it will never be the same again. Because I made you big and made you small again. I finally feel free and shoot everything away. Yes, my friend, from today on I will eat everything I like.

On September 13, 2018, Bushido published the 10 minute track about his life with Arafat Abou-Chaker. Called Mephisto, he raps about the past.

Beef with Kay One

Kay One, Bushido’s former best friend, publicly accounted for him on October 9, 2013 on SternTV and talked about the mafia-like machinations of the gangster rapper. Concrete evidence and judicial judgments have not yet followed from this alleged criminal activity. A 10 minute disc track with the name: “Life and Death of Kenneth Glöckler” followed immediately as the answer. This set a new record on YouTube (over 1 million clicks in seven hours).

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