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Carolyn b Osburn


Carolyn B. Osburn is a 58-year-old American actress. She currently lives in Wichita, Kansas. In addition to her last name, she also has several other aliases, including Ashley Osburn, Sharon Schmeidler, and Karen Deatko. Her most common addresses are in Wichita and West Virginia. You can also find information about her children by checking out her social networking pages.

Married Life

Carolyn B. Osburn and her husband, John Henson, were married in 1959 and had four children. The couple divorced in 1987, after 28 years of marriage. Jack Welch married Jane Beasley, who he dated for 13 years. In 1960, he started working at General Electric as a junior chemical engineer in the plastics division. The two were very disappointed with the pay raise he received and planned to leave the company.

After Divorce

After their divorce, Carolyn and John had four children. In 1987, they separated. Welch was a mediocre student during his college years, but he excelled and earned a degree in chemical engineering at the University of Illinois. After graduating from college, he worked for General Electric as a chemist and earned a salary of $10,500. He then met Osburn, and they married in 1959. They had four children together. However, the relationship ended in a divorce in 1987.

Relationship Lasted for 18 years

Despite their divorce in 1987, the two still shared three children. They met while she was attending college, and their relationship lasted for nearly eighteen years. They divorced in 1991. After their divorce, Carolyn Osburn moved to New York City with her husband, and the two had four children together. They had five children together, but eventually separated. He was an average student in college. But after the divorce, he enrolled at the University of Illinois and received a Master’s degree and PhD in chemical engineering. In 1960, he got a job with General Electric as a junior chemical engineer in the plastics division. He was dissatisfied with his salary, and planned to quit the job.

Second Husband

In 1961, she had a second child. She had four children with Jack Welch. She was the mother of one of her sons, and his second husband was an engineer. The two were married for about thirteen years. They divorced in 1987. Afterward, she enrolled in graduate school. After earning her doctorate, she became a senior executive at GE, and began working as an assistant for the company. The two men.

Remained Friends

After a brief marriage, she married John Henson. They had four children, including their son, David. After their divorce, she divorced from Welch. She and Welch remained friends. In fact, the couple divorced in 1987. Welch was an engineer, and he had a PhD in chemical engineering. They had four children, including a daughter, and she later married an American.


They were separated for almost 15 years. Both had their own interests. The two had four children. The couple split in 1989. They have four children together had four children — Katherine, John, Anne and Mark. The marriage was a long-term commitment.


Welch married Osburn in 1959. They had four children together. They were divorced in 1987, and they had two other children together. After their divorce, they had three more children. However, they divorced in 1988. Welch had four children with Osburn. The couple had no children. They had four children. But their marriage ended in divorce. Welch was never the same.

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