Pros and Cons of Your Carpet Cleaning Routine

Your carpets are probably one of the most used things within your home. They are constantly seeing dirt, dust and bacteria being trampled on through them. We probably do not give our carpets enough TLC, so when you do decide to clean your carpets, make sure that you are doing it properly.

Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing is a common method of carpet cleaning, most used when you have a stubborn stain that will not come out. You can even shampoo your carpet with a machine, which mixes the shampoo with water to increase the likelihood of getting your stain out.

Pros of using carpet shampoo

Carpet shampooing really gets into the deep fibres of your carpet and works from the base. All of the sitting bacteria and dust is then forced out, leaving your carpet dirt-free. It is certainly a thorough method to ensure all those nasty germs are gone.

Cons of using carpet shampoo

As we have just explained, the shampoo tends to reach all the way down to the base of the carpet. This does mean that suds can get stuck and not properly washed away afterwards. It can be difficult to reach the bottom of your carpet and know you have cleaned all of the shampoo away.

Steam cleaning

The premise of steam cleaners is that they heat water past its boiling point to make it water vapour. This steam is then pressurised as it comes out of the machine, which makes it powerful when removing any dirt which is stuck to the fibres of your carpet.

Pros of using a steam cleaner

The after-effects of using a steam cleaner can give you more than just a clean carpet. It can bring old carpets back to life too. The methods for which the cleaner uses means that afterwards, your carpets will feel softer and fuller. Another great thing about this method is that most professional cleaning companies offer it as a service, meaning all you have to do is put your feet up and relax. Also, steam cleaning is a great method to use if you are an individual who is prone to allergies, as it is widely known that this method of carpet cleaning is effective in removing 90% of any ingrained bacteria.

Cons of using a steam cleaner

This method of carpet cleaning is certainly not one you are going to want to choose if you want to use the room you have cleaned straight after. Any water-based carpet cleaner will leave your carpets a little damp, potentially for up to 24 hours after the cleaning has taken place.


Using a vacuum cleaner is a dry method of cleaning your carpet, and it is also probably the most common method of cleaning. It can be really tempting to just pick up your vacuum cleaner and say that your floor is completely clean, but is that the reality?

Pros of using a vacuum cleaner

Unlike some of the other types of carpet cleaning, which requires wet products, a vacuum cleaner will leave your floor completely dry, meaning you are able to step onto it as soon as you have finished. You can also use a vacuum cleaner on every single type of carpet, which is another positive.

Cons of using a vacuum cleaner

There are some negatives to using this carpet cleaning method. Some professional cleaners do doubt the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners to truly remove any ingrained dirt, dust or debris. Your carpet is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and harmful germs, which is why it is essential to remove them. This may need something stronger than a household vacuum cleaner.

Find the method which suits you and your carpet the best

There are some methods that can be used on all types of carpets. However, it is all about finding a carpet cleaning method that suits both you and your carpet the best. You may prefer to make a one-time investment in a steam cleaning machine to clean your floors. Or, you may opt for a professional cleaning service to come in and do the work for you. Whatever method you opt for, make sure your floors get the attention they deserve.

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