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Catfish Cooley’s Wife


The wife of YouTube star Catfish Cooley is not publicly known. However, she is a model and a video creator. The couple has been married for seven years and have four children. Their children, Tyler and Zooey, have never been made public. It is believed that their relationship is based on love and trust and they have no plans of divorcing. But how long has Catfish been married to Monica?


Munica Cooley has one stepson, Troy Cooley, who is from another relationship. She is also the mother of Tyler and Zooey Cooley, who have not yet been named publicly. The couple currently live in Vidor, Texas. Catfish has two daughters, Tyler and Zooey, and she has many fans on social media. Whether the family is living in a mansion or a humble home is unclear, but Munica Cooley seems to be very happy with her new lifestyle.

Stand-up Comedy 

In the midst of all the scandal, David Cooley’s wife, Munica Cooley, has stood by her husband and has been an ardent supporter of her husband. The two are well-known for their stand-up comedy, and he has been very active on YouTube and other social media sites. In recent months, his wife has become his staunchest supporter and the source of his many videos.


Munica Cooley was born on May 2, 1990, in Pitkin, Louisiana. She has a healthy weight of eighty kilograms and a red hair color. Her eyes are brown. She also has a lot of tattoos, including a devil on her left ankle. Her net worth is close to $8 million. Her height is five feet nine inches. It is unknown if she’ll get married to her boyfriend.

Husband’s death

After her husband’s death, Cooley took the Internet by storm and became famous by uploading comic videos. The videos, which primarily discuss the escapades of everyday life, quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of views. However, this didn’t stop Cooley from creating a YouTube channel about his life. The name Catfish Cooley has become synonymous with the comedian. She has since merged with several other personalities on the platform.

Facts About his Husband 

Her marriage to Charles Cooley has also given rise to a lot of speculation about the future of their children. Despite the fact that Cooley’s real name is David Allen Cooley, he is a proud redneck. He is from a middle-class family of farmers in Louisiana. And, he doesn’t care what people think of him. He is not afraid to show his true nature.

YouTube Videos 

Besides generating net worth by creating and uploading humorous videos on YouTube, Catfish Cooley has also been working on other business ventures and is building her empire. Besides her popular YouTube channel, she has also been earning money by doing stand-up comedy on US tours. Aside from being a famous YouTube star, Cooley has a wife and children, Munica Cooley. So, how do they stay together?


As for her personal life, Cooley is close to his family. His father, Charles Cooley, is an actor and a writer. His mother, Lawanda Cooley, is also very close to Catfish. Their two children are named Charlie, Moe and Gracie. Despite their separation, the two continue to produce videos and grow their social media profiles. It is unclear whether they will stay together, or continue dating.


Despite her wealth, Munica Cooley has a modest lifestyle. Her husband, Catfish Cooley, is immensely popular on the social media platform Reddit. The couple has two children together and live in Vidor, Texas. The couple is also involved in several sponsorships for trending brands. The couple is happy together and is a popular couple on the internet. They are openly discussing their personal life and their relationship.

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