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Mike Love and Catherine Linda Martinez were married in 1981. They had been together for eight months and divorced in 1984. Their marriage lasted for four years. Both were born in 1941, making them 40 years old when they got married. They are now happily married and have one son, Michael Edward Love II. Here are some interesting facts about their relationship. Read on to find out more about them. Listed below are some of the most important facts about them.

How they Meet

According to a magazine, Cathy Linda Martinez was a “part-time print model” who met Mike at one of the Beach Boys` “infamous Lake Tahoe engagements”. They were married in a Santa Barbara ceremony officiated by mail-order minister Wolfman Jack.

Husband Profession 

Mike co-founded the Beach Boys with his cousins Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson and their friend Al Jardine. Catherine Linda Martinez is a member of the band The Beach Boys for a short period of time. The band had many hits, and Love was one of their front-line members. Mike Love Catherine husband married 5 times. He was married to Tamara Fitch in 1971 to 1977  and Francie St. Martin in 1961. During their long separation, they had a child. 

Current Marriage 

He is currently married to Jacqueline Piesen; their marriage happened in 1994.The couple is now living in Seal Beach, Calif. The wedding featured two wedding receptions, and the ceremony was held at the beach. The couple had three children, and one of them is the groom’s son, Christian Love. The wedding was attended by their closest friends, including their parents, siblings, and friends. 

Catherine Career

Catherine Linda Martinez is an American actress and host of the CBS morning show “CBS This Morning.” She was once married to Mike Love. The couple has two children together. She has dated a number of other men, including Jack Nicholson and David Borenstein. Her father was a retired banker and was a lawyer, so she can handle high-profile jobs.

Two Children Together 

She is the daughter of Michael Love and Catherine Linda Martinez. The couple has two children together. Their relationship was very happy and they had two successful years together. After that, they  divorced and after four years of marriage they had a baby girl. Their love lives in Baldwin Hills, California.

Wife Careers

Her first wife, Tamara Fitch, is a singer. She has worked as a child model for many years. She has also been a member of the band The Beach Boys. She had several hit songs with her husband. She married her longtime partner, Michael. Her second spouse, Catherine Linda Martinez, a former TV personality, had a daughter with her ex-husband in 2001.


Michael Love has a total of six daughters. First is Shawn Marie’s Love who was the wife of singer, musician Dennis Wilson; she has a son and died in 2003 due to liver cancer. Ambha Love is the second daughter of Mike and she is a singer too. Hayleigh Love, Melinda Love,Teresa Love and Summer Love are his daughters.

cond spouse, Catherine Linda Martinez, a former TV personality, had a son with her ex-husband in 2001.

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