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Christiane Plante

Christiane Plante – American Model and Former Wife of Hulk Hogan

Christiane Plante is a model and former wife of Hulk Hogan. She is an American citizen with the zodiac sign Pisces.

She grew up with a love of sports, and she always wanted to stay active and have a great body.

She graduated from high school in 1992, and she hasn’t shared any details about her post-secondary education.

Hulk Hogan

Hogan was a professional wrestler who enjoyed enormous popularity during the 80s and 90s. He won a number of titles and was known for his running leg drop finishing move and exaggerated play to the audience. He also starred in several TV shows and was a savvy merchandiser and marketer.

In 2007 Hogan’s wife Linda filed for divorce and accused her husband of cheating with her best friend, Christiane Plante. He reportedly cheated with Plante during the filming of their reality TV show, Hogan Knows Best.

After the divorce, Hogan suffered a financial setback and he lost around 30% of his liquid assets. He also lost a number of his homes and cars.

The former wrestler has since married actress Jennifer McDaniel and the two have two children together. Brooke is a singer, model and TV personality while Nick is a car racer.

Terry Bollea

Hulk Hogan was born Terry Eugene Bollea on August 11, 1953 in Augusta, Georgia. He is a former professional wrestler and actor who has been inducted into several halls of fame.

As a youngster, Bollea had an interest in wrestling and attended Hillsborough Community College and the University of South Florida. He eventually chose to focus on his wrestling career, and he was one of the most successful wrestlers of his time.

However, his success was not without its drawbacks. During his heyday, Bollea was often injured and had to take time off from the ring.

Aside from his wrestling career, he also appeared in numerous films and television shows. He is regarded as one of the most famous wrestling figures in the history of the sport. He also received a Grammy award for his work as a vocalist in the 1980s. He was also a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. His most notable moment was winning the WWF world championship.

Christiane Plante’s Personal Life

Christiane Plante

Christiane Plante is an American model who gained international fame when she started dating Hulk Hogan. She was born on February 25, 1974, in the United States and has the zodiac sign Pisces.

Her relationship with Hulk Hogan was made public in 2008. In an article published by the National Enquirer, Christiane told that she and the WWE legend began their affair in 2007 while filming for the television show “Hogan Knows Best.” This revelation shocked Hogan’s family.

The report was at odds with what Linda Hogan had to say about her ex-husband’s romance with Christiane. She was furious and filed for divorce in late 2007.

Hogan and Plante have not confirmed their relationship status, but they are reported to be living separately. The wrestler was hoping to have a child with her, but they are not married.

Christiane Plante Bio

Christiane Plante is a beautiful model and a proud American. She was born on February 25, 1974 and is currently 48 years old. The lady is quite active, going to the gym several times a week and is a fitness fanatic. She also has a good sense of style, which can be seen by her extensive wardrobe.

She has a big heart and loves to give back to her community. Her favorite charity is the American Heart Association. She is also a frequent guest on radio shows and has appeared on television in the past. Her most recent gig was as a co-host on the morning show at WMAL, a station in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

She has a well-rounded life, with interests that range from golf to traveling the globe. She also enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. Her best friends are Linda and her husband, Hulk Hogan. Interestingly, they have two children.

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