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Chyna Santana, a baby mama and Moneybagg Yo’s ex, is dead. Although the exact cause of death is still unknown, it was widely disseminated as a sudden death. While the cause of death has been widely disseminated, no known sources have spoken out to the media about it. While Santana had a very active social media account, it has since been removed.

Interesting Facts

Born in 1992, Chyna is 27 years old. Her father is unknown. Her job revolves around trading jewelry. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee, where she also graduated from Southwest Community College. Her rap career was cut short when she got engaged to AirFlecter. The two split up after some misunderstandings. They have since dated, although a lot has been speculated.

Love Life 

The rapper Moneybagg Yo is a well-known figure in the Memphis music scene. The two were rumored to be dating for quite some time. Chyna Santana’s real name is Shana Ward. The two are known for their public personas, and the alleged affair that accompanied it was not a secret. Chyna Santana’s death has caused a raging debate and has been a hot topic of conversation since.

Tragic Death

Moneybagg Yo’s ex-girlfriend, Chyna Santana, died in a tragic accident on July 12. The rapper gave Chyna Santana a Lamborghini truck as a birthday gift on July 12, but the rapper did not publicly honor the mother of his two children. The rapper did not pay tribute to her death. However, the media are making the news.

Her Babies

In addition to having two children with Chyna Santana, Moneybagg Yo is the father of eight children in total. He said in 2017 that he had more than two children while in high school. Chyna has two children with Moneybagg Yo, aka DeMario DeWayne White Jr. The identities of the two children are still unknown. Regardless, her children have a great deal of fame, and many people think they are the reason she is so successful.

Unclear Cause of Death 

Despite her tragic death, there are few official sources that confirm her whereabouts. While she was based in Memphis, she was a public figure. It is unclear if Moneybagg Yo addressed the news of Chyna’s death. While she was a highly influential figure in the media, it is not clear what caused her untimely death. The death of Chyna Santana is still a subject of huge debate, but it is important to remember that she had been active on social media.

Chyna’s Death

Moneybagg Yo is an American rapper, who has eight kids with four different baby mamas. Chyna’s death has shocked her fans, and Moneybagg Yo is now remembering his baby mama on social media. The death of Chyna Santana is a sad event for her fans, and their family. She is remembered with love and appreciation in the wake of her death. These rap babies will never know what they are missing.


Chyna Santana’s ex-boyfriend MoneyBagg Yo recently gifted his girlfriend with a white Lamborghini truck. Ari was not only a celebrity in her own right, but also a model and ex-girlfriend of rapper G Herbo. Moneybagg has five children, including two boys and three daughters. Despite her controversial past, she had maintained her single status.

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