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cleive ester adams

Cleive Ester Adams

Cleive Ester Adams gained fame for being the father-in-law of Dell Curry. He also came to fame because of his daughter Sonya Curry, who is a renowned American educator.

He is married to Candy Adams and they have three kids – India, Cleive, and Sonya. They live in Radford, Virginia.

Cleive Ester Adams Bio

Cleive Ester Adams is a famous American who is best known as the grandfather of the well-celebrated Stephen Curry. He is also a father of Sonya Curry, a renowned American educator.

According to his daughter, he is a private person who stays away from the media. He is also a former basketball player and has accumulated a huge fortune in the sporting world.

His children include Sonya Alicia Curry, Cleive Adams Junior, and India Adams. Her son, Cleive Adams Jr, is a football head coach at Averett University and has a successful career in sports.

Her daughter, Sonya Alicia Curry, is a renowned American teacher and the mother of seven-time NBA all-star Stephen Curry. She is also a former volleyball player and has accumulated a huge fortune due to her success in the field of education.

Her husband, Dell Curry, is a famous basketball player and has accumulated a huge wealth in the sporting world. Their eldest grandchild, Stephen Curry, is an NBA player who has accumulated three NBA championships. His second grandchild, Seth Curry, is a renowned American basketball player who has also accumulated a large fortune.

Cleive Ester Adams Net Worth

Cleive Ester Adams is a prominent figure in the American sports industry. He is best known as the grandfather of well-known basketball player Stephen Curry.

He is also the father of Sonya Alicia Curry, a renowned educator. His daughter is the wife of former basketball player Dell Curry.

According to her, his financial condition was not good when she was a child and her parents had to struggle a lot to fulfill their basic needs.

Her mother, Candy Adams, took care of her and her siblings while she was growing up. She also worked as a teacher and a university dean.

She is also a famous volleyball player and won state championships in her school days.

Her eldest grandson, Stephen Curry, is a well-known basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. Her other two grandchildren, Sydel and Seth, are successful athletes as well.

Cleive Ester Adams Family

People come into the spotlight for a variety of reasons. Some gain popularity through their creativity or talent, while others get noticed because they are a part of celebrities’ families.

Cleive Ester Adams is one such person who gained fame through his relationship with his children and grandchildren. As a result, he is not particularly active on social media and prefers to keep everything private and discreet.

He is a married man who tied the knot with Candy Ann Wyms in the 1960s. They have three children together; a son and two daughters.

During their marriage, they had a tough time eking out a living. They lived in a trailer during their early years and struggled with the racial discrimination they faced.

Sonya Curry, the eldest of the three siblings, is an American educator. She is also the wife of basketball player Dell Curry, and they have three grown-up kids. The first of which is Stephen Curry, who plays professionally for the Golden State Warriors.

Cleive Ester Adams wiki

Cleive Ester Adams is a famous American celebrity who is known for being the grandfather of NBA star Stephen Curry. He also has three grandchildren and one grandchild-in-law.

He married Candy Ann Wyms in the 1960s and they have three children together, including Sonya Alicia Curry, India Adams, and Cleive Adams Jr. He is a family man and rarely speaks publicly about his professional life or career.

According to his daughter, he struggles financially and often faces financial hardships during his days. However, he does not get involved in any disputes.

His oldest grandchild, Stephen Curry, is a well-celebrated basketball player and plays for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. He has won three NBA championships.

Another grandchild, Sydel Curry-Lee, played volleyball for Elon University. Her other grandson, Seth Curry, plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. In addition, his son-in-law, Dell Curry, is a former professional basketball player.

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