Combining Work and Study with No Trouble

Working while studying is now considered not only a common activity but also a must-have to succeed, especially if you work within your field of study. You have some kind of practice, internship, and boost your time-management. Yet, it is not always so smooth because there might be some missed deadlines, skipped classes, or deteriorated relationships with professors. How to change this situation, and perfectly combine both?

Top 8 Tips on Mixing Your Study with Part-Time Job

First off, like with any sphere of life, you have to either find a perfect balance or sort out priorities. Looking ahead, you should not compromise on studying because even still, the diploma is considered a key to success in some cases. For instance, one tip ahead – if you run out of time for writing your essays and other academic assignments, paper writing services might come in handy. You can always rely on a professional essay service that provides students with custom research and academic papers, so you do not violate the deadlines. Now, off we go to the tips on combining your study and work.

#1 Start Planning Your Day

It sounds like very logical advice, right? Yet, many students still neglect the importance of a schedule. They believe they can manage everything or they will always have several more hours to do the assignments. Maybe, it is true, however, you should think about unforeseen occasions. For instance, you can stay longer at work, and come very tired to do any homework. Start by making the outline (yes, the same as with essays), where you draft approximate plans for the day or week. Yet, such a schedule should be obligatorily filled with extra hours for relaxation, or you will be simply burnt out.

#2 Be Organized

It can be partially referred to the previous tip, however, it stands for other principles. When you have a schedule, you should not find excuses for tasks. If you have planned homework for the evening, you should stick to it. Those students who postpone tasks for later simply put themselves in a burden of unaccomplished assignments. Then, it will be hard to catch up with other students, and your grades may be lowered radically. Ensure you are aware of all the deadlines.

#3 Communicate with Your Professors/Employer

Do not try to play games with both your professors and employer. Both should be aware of your activities. A professor should know that you work but also that your work won’t affect your studying. An employer should, in turn, understand that you also study, so do not charge you with extra tasks. Once two know your situation, you are most likely to avoid any troubles.

#4 Be Always Realistic

Do not try to take too much on your shoulders. For instance, during the exam period, avoid taking extra hours for your work because you will be too tired for preparation. The same concerns your studying process. Do not take more assignments to improve your progress in advance if you cannot simply cope with them. If you plan to take something extra, refer to your schedule, and estimate soberly – is it possible?

#5 Think About Your Soft Skills

You might think it is relatively possible, however, when you have all soft skills mastered, you are able to perform better both at work and in your educational establishment. Check how you cope with time management, reading, speaking, and leadership skills. The latter one is a real deal because you can easily explain to a professor and employer what is going on, and when you need what. Overlook what skills you lack, and work on boosting them. Nowadays, there are also many online courses and tutors that can help you with them.

#6 Fill Your Time with Fun

Most burnt-out students who lag at work and studying simply neglect the importance of relaxation. When your schedule is full with assignments and work, and you do not leave yourself at least 1 hour per day just to chill on the sofa, hence, you won’t succeed for sure. Ideally, you should engage your friends in taking you for a walk or party. It helps to recharge your brain, and then proceed with crucial tasks with a fresh mind.

#7 Strengthen Your Bond with Other Students

It would sound funny, however, other students should make advances with your troubles. No, they should not replace you at work. They should inform you about all assignments, and help you with making tough homework. Normally, your group can create a messenger chat where everyone helps each other with missed classes. No, we do not promote any cheating, however, it is normal practice and sound relationship in classes when every student is ready to assist.

#8 Ask for Extra Hours

Look, if you missed many classes, and your studying progress is very poor, speak to your professor about one thing. If possible, ask for extra hours for improving your grades when you are free of work. For instance, you can bring a professor extra paper, or do any other work that can affect your grades.

That’s it. If you still have problems with your assignments, do not forget that you can always refer to professionals as was hinted above. There is nothing to be ashamed of because such writing services help students improve their progress and avoid expulsion from educational establishments. You get a good paper, while a professor changes their impression about your dedication to studying.

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