Crypto-Skeptic Warren Buffet May Become A Backdoor Crypto Investor

Warren Buffett does not like Bitcoin because it doesn’t make anything real. One of the main reasons he doesn’t like cryptocurrency is this. Buffett also said that even if he could, he wouldn’t spend $25 to buy all the Bitcoin in the world. Munger has started to say bad things about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, calling them “stupid and evil.” He also noted that cryptocurrency makes the Fed less stable.

In an exciting turn of events, however, one of the companies in Berkshire Hathaway’s massive portfolio of stocks and bonds recently said it wants to start its cryptocurrency. So, if Berkshire kept the stock, it would be like the business conglomerate was indirectly investing in a cryptocurrency.  Check out the bitql website the trading bot that has been the most successful to date and is now accessible; it is used by millions of investors from a variety of backgrounds all over the globe.

Around the middle of 2021, Berkshire Hathaway put money into the Brazilian digital bank Nu Holdings. (NYSE: NU). The way banks work in Latin America has changed a lot because of this bank. People like this new idea, so the bank has proliferated. At the end of the year’s second quarter, Nu had more than 65 million customers, about 36% of Brazil’s adult population.

Berkshire owns more than 107,1 million Nu shares, about 2.3% of the company. Nu became a public company at the end of 2021. Berkshire has invested in more Brazilian companies than just Nu, which is good for the country’s economy.

Nu said in a recent press release that it plans to release Nucoin, its digital currency, in the first half of 2023. The cryptocurrency will be built on the Polygon blockchain network and will be free for customers to use. The end goal of the Nucoin project is to “lay the groundwork for a new type of rewards program to be made in Brazil.”

“We’re getting ready for better times. Nucoin is a creative way for Nubank to thank its loyal customers and get more people to use its products.” The person in charge of the whole project, Fernando Czapski, said this in a statement. You can buy, sell, and keep track of the cryptocurrencies you own with the Nu app.

Nu is more than just a traditional bank with customer accounts and loans. Instead, it has made a platform with many different products to talk to its customers better. Nu customers can now pay bills, shop, and invest online. If customers are encouraged to spend more time in the Nu ecosystem, they are likelier to make Nu their central bank. Usually, customers with this relationship with a bank are more profitable and use more of the bank’s products and services.

What’s the difference between digital currency and blockchain?

Most investors would agree that investing in blockchain technology differs from investing in hard-to-value cryptocurrencies. Both of these things are very different. There is a big difference between the two since cryptocurrencies are traded on networks called blockchains.

Warren Buffett doesn’t want to buy cryptocurrencies directly; that is clear. But just because he doesn’t want to do that doesn’t mean he is against blockchain technology and how it could be used in businesses that make things. Even publicly, Buffett has said that blockchain technology is “ingenious.”

Also, it’s possible that Warren Buffett had little to do with Berkshire Hathaway’s decision to put money into Nu. Still, Buffett lets his best investors decide how they want to invest. 

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