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The fortune of Dagmar Wöhrl

How rich is Dagmar Wöhrl?

Up until now, Dagmar Wöhrl was mainly known to those people who know a little about the political scene. But now the former Miss Germany, who is married to the entrepreneur Hans Rudolf Wöhrl, appears in a completely different role on TV – namely in the “Den of the Lions”. Who is this woman who shared a valued with her husband Assets of 150 million euros has? The Wöhrl family is one of the top 500 richest Germans.

As an investor in “Die Höhle der Löwen”

Dagmar Wöhrl is known first as Miss Germany and then as a member of the Bundestag. In the meantime, however, it is clear that there will be no more opportunity for the politician to vote in the 2017 election. She doesn’t want to run for office anymore. Is the role of the TV investor the next logical step? In any case, Dagmar Wöhrl no longer has to work for the sake of the money. Because she and her entrepreneur husband have more than enough of them. Maybe it’s the fun that made her take part in the TV format. In the VOX broadcast “Den of the Lions” the politician and entrepreneur is the substitute for Jochen Schweizer, by the way. In this way, she ensures that, in addition to Judith Williams, even more women power is represented in the group. As a lioness, she also sits next to Carsten Maschmeyer, Ralf Dümmel and Nils Glagau.

DHDL: How rich are the lions?
Many TV viewers are amazed at the decision of the producers. Few would have expected a politician as a lioness. But at least that way, the format remains exciting. Although only Dagmar Wöhrl herself can be seen on TV, her decisions will certainly also be influenced by the will of her husband and son. Because the entrepreneurial gene runs in the family and so the Wöhrl men will certainly have a say behind the scenes when it comes to In which startups the family assets are invested. Incidentally, the Wöhrls have even founded their own company to participate in these young companies so that everything goes as it should.

Investments made (deals) at DHDL

The following deals actually came about during or after the broadcast:

Season 10 – Fall 2021

  • Scooper – caffeine pads (150,000 euros for 50%)
  • Löwenkind – herbal sachets (130,000 euros for 25%)
  • KOHPA – conductive paper (66,666 euros for 11%)

Season 9 – Spring 2021

  • Coffee Colorato – coffee printer (87,500 euros for 12.5%)
  • WowWow – dog leash collar (75,000 euros for 15%)

Season 8 – Fall 2020

  • Bruxane – smart aligner (200,000 euros for 12%)

Season 6 – 2019

  • La Ribollita – Instant Food (40,000 euros)
  • Noveltea – tea with alcohol (450,000 euros for 15% + 1 euro per bottle of kickback)
  • Guatavita (200,000 euros for 25%)

Season 5 2018

  • Spooning Cookie Dough – Spooning cookie dough (105,000 euros for 14%)
  • Waterdrop – effervescent tablets (500,000 euros for 6.25%)
  • Cake gossip – cakes from seniors (50,000 euros for 5%)
  • Sanilu Clean – cleaning agent for small animal enclosures (30,000 euros for 10%)
  • Troy – hot water bottle (200,000 euros for 15%)
  • Flippo Kids – children’s furniture (50,000 euros for 10%)
  • Sleeperoo – overnight experience (200,000 euros for 24.9%)
  • VegDog – vegan dog food (150,000 euros for 30%)

Season 4 – 2017

  • Grace Flowerbox – Durable Roses (150,000 euros for 25.1%)
  • Sywos – fitness equipment for the back (100,000 euros for 15%)
  • Motorai – sportswear (100,000 euros for 20%)
  • Manplan – pocket square holder (75,000 euros for 20%)
  • Rubberbüx – Festival Pants (10,000 euros for 25.5%) – meanwhile bankrupt
  • Moveaid / ReMod – walking aid (100,000 euros for 9%)
  • HappyPo – Po shower (120,000 euros for 25%)

The life of Dagmar Wöhrl

Dagmar Woehrl fortune
The member of the Bundestag grew up with her grandparents, graduated from high school and then studied law, graduating with the second state examination in 1987. In the same year she not only worked as a lawyer, but also as an entrepreneur. Since the beginning of her political career she has been involved in and for CSU. In 1994 she became a member of the German Bundestag for the first time. With the exception of one electoral term, Dagmar Wöhrl was sent to Berlin as a directly elected member of parliament every time, which speaks for the popularity of the politician in her constituency of Nuremberg.

But the law graduate is not only involved in the world of politics. From the art advisory board of the German Bundestag to her work at Aktion Deutschland Hilft and her membership in the German UNESCO Commission the new lioness has already held many public offices. After their second son died in an accident in 2005, the family set up a foundation together, which was also named after Emanuel Wöhrl. But the ex-Miss-Germany does not only make a charitable contribution to the memory of her son. Rather, she is also the President of the Animal Welfare Association of Nuremberg-Fürth and does a lot of good there.

The beauty queen and politician

On the other hand, her time as a beauty queen was a long time ago. For the first time, beautiful Dagmar made it into the final at Miss Germany in 1973. Four years later, she also won the title. In the same year she took second place in “Miss International” in Tokyo and at least third place in “Miss World” in London. A year later, in March 1978, she was also runner-up at “Miss Europe” in Helsinki. The fact that she was even seen naked in a sex film in 1973 obviously did not harm her future career. The holder of the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon, which was awarded to her in 2008, was, however, known in the past as “Miss Bundestag” designated. The lioness can already look back on an eventful career without too much scandals.

Photo: Henning Schacht [CC-BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons
DHDL: © MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

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