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Dan Price is a Christian singer-songwriter who grew up in a family of four in Southwest Idaho. He was a member of a band called Straightforward. The band was famous for touring and garnering airplay across the country. Price attended Christian Seattle Pacific University and has a wife and two children. In 2007, he married Kristie Lewellyn, whom he had met at a Christian concert in Utah. The couple separated in 2012, though, and Dan Price has not been in a relationship since.

Net Worth 

Currently, Dan Price’s net worth ranges between $800,000 and $1 million. The majority of his income comes from his business Gravity Payments. The company pays him $70,000 a year in salary. The salary raise was a success for Gravity Payments and Price recently paused to mention the impact it had on the global income gap. As of the time of writing, Price’s net worth is estimated to be between $800k and $1 million.


In recent years, Price has been accused of being abusive to his wife, Kristie. Kristie Price has sued Dan over his alleged misbehavior. In the divorce proceedings, Kristie has accused Price of hitting her in the stomach and slapping her in the face. Dan, however, has denied these accusations. Although Dan Price’s net worth is large, his divorce settlement will probably increase his net worth.

Social Media Presence 

Dan Price’s net worth is estimated to reach $12 million by 2022. He has a strong social media presence, with more than 250,000 followers on Instagram. He will reach his target net worth in 2022. Those who want to know more about his personal finances can visit Dan Price’s website. He is a well-known and highly successful web entrepreneur with his own company. His salary, however, is unknown.

Constantly Increasing Net Worth 

Price’s salary has been raised over the years. In 2012, he received a 20% salary increase. In 2014, he made $150 million from Gravity Payments, which processes $7 billion in transactions. Price receives 40 percent of that profit, or $2.2 million. If this continues, it may result in a huge increase in his net worth. This will be split between him and his brother, Lucas Price. However, if you’d like to know more about Price’s net worth, it would be helpful to consult with a qualified financial adviser.

Traditional Business

Although Dan Price has made a fortune in his business, he has not given up on his philanthropic efforts. After he got rich, he was recommended to start a traditional business instead. Having billionaires as benefactors has not worked out so well for everyone. However, Dan Price has been tweeting about how well his company is doing since his decision to leave the rich and famous behind. His company has expanded to two offices in Washington and Idaho, where the cost of living is lower. In the meantime, it has a high employee engagement rate.

Successful Entrepreneur

Dan Price’s net worth is estimated at $200 million. His income primarily comes from his business ventures. His Gravity Payments company, which he founded in 2004, employs over 100 people. Currently, the company generates an annual revenue of over $70 million. This makes Dan Price net worth $200 million. So, he’s an exceptionally successful entrepreneur. The company’s success helped him reach his goal of making the company profitable and a coveted CEO.

Gravity Payment Company 

Dan Price’s net worth is not known for obvious reasons. He works in the tech industry and owns a number of businesses. His Gravity Payments company is the most profitable, making him a billionaire. However, his salary was reportedly cut ninety percent in 2015, allowing him to pay his employees the same amount he does. However, his net worth is undoubtedly higher than that, as he owns the company.

Crash of his Company

Since his teen years, Dan Price has been a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded the bar company Gravity with his brother Lucas. As a teenager, he witnessed bar owners getting gouged by big financial companies. His company was a hit for four years, but nearly crashed during the Great Recession. The founders of Gravity have since regained their fortunes. So, despite his rocky start, Dan Price’s net worth is rising rapidly!


Although the first two decades of Price’s life were largely spent raising the minimum wage at his company, his career as an entrepreneur has continued to grow in spite of the recession. During the recession, Price cut his personal income from 1.1 million dollars to seventy thousand dollars by negotiating a lower credit card processing fee with the venue owner. He later became a self-made millionaire and has since become a vocal critic of the billionaire class.

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