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danny zugelder

Danny Zugelder is a bank robber with a criminal past. When Danielle Steel met him, he was incarcerated for raping one woman and savagely beating another. He was a former drug addict and had struggled with heroin addiction. The couple married one day after Danny Zugelder’s release. She became eight and a half months pregnant and moved in with Toth.

Steel first met Danny Zugelder in a California prison while interviewing an inmate. He was serving time on drug and robbery charges. When Steel was paroled in June 1973, he moved in with Zugelder. He was sent back to prison in early 1974 on robbery and rape charges. In 1975, Steel divorced Lazard and married Danny Zugelder in the prison canteen. Their relationship led to the release of the two hit songs Now and Forever and Passion’s Promise.

Steel met Danny Zugelder while interviewing an inmate in a prison canteen in Lompoc. The two were already married when she was released in June 1973. In early 1974, he was back in prison on robbery and rape charges. After the breakup of her marriage with Lazard, Steel met Danny Zugelder and married him. The two wrote the hit songs Passion’s Promise and Now and Forever during this period.

In the fall of 1973, Danny Zugelder was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a local businessman. After their divorce, Steel moved in with him in the prison canteen and subsequently married him. Soon after, their relationship became infamous and the couple married in the canteen. The marriage produced the songs Now and Forever and Passion’s Promise. They divorced in 1978 and had four children. In the fall of 1979, they reunited and began a life together.

During this time, Steel met Danny Zugelder while interviewing an inmate in a prison near Lompoc, California. The pair moved in together, and later, Danny Zugelder married Danielle. However, the couple divorced in 1977 and in 1976, they married in a prison canteen. The relationship between the two led to the songs “Now and Forever” and “Passion’s Promise”.

After Steel’s arrest in Lompoc, California, he met a former prisoner named Danny Zugelder. Both men were convicted of rape and bank robbery. In early 1974, they divorced, and Steel married Danny Zugelder. Their relationship spawned the songs Passion’s Promise and “Now and Forever.” It spawned the books Now and Forever and Passion’s Promise.

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