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David Heward Mills

The Death of David

The death of David Herward Mills has caused a great deal of curiosity and speculation among many people. Although there have been no official details released on the cause of death, it is believed that Mills had some health complications prior to his death. The church that Mills attended also issued a statement regarding his passing.

Excellent Doctor

David Heward Mills is a Psychiatrist and a member of the University of Georgia’s Internal Medicine Residency Program. He has been practicing for six to ten years. He has a family and is married. He is an excellent doctor who is a member of the University at Georgia’s internal medicine residency program. Although he is young, he has achieved a great deal of fame.

No Details Regarding his Death

David Heward died on April 15th, 2022 after a brief illness. The cause of death was not released until now. He was 31 years old at the time of his death. It is unclear if Heward was married or dating. However, it is believed that he died of an illness that affected his health. However, there are no other details regarding his death. Regardless of his marital status, his death is the result of a short illness.


The eldest son of Bishop Dag Heward Mills, David Heward Mills was a psychiatrist who practiced in the area of Columbia, South Carolina. He received his medical degree from the Vinnica State Medical University and also attended the University of Georgia’s Internal Medicine program. His mother, Adelaide Heward Mills, is a lawyer and a counselor.

Great Role Model 

David Heward-Mills was a medical doctor who was also a Christian. He was also a pastor in the United States. Besides his professional life, David was also a father. His earnings were estimated at around $5 million. Further updates on his death will be available soon. He was a great role model and will be missed by his friends and family.

Respect Family Privacy

The Beacon Church has not yet released details of David Herward-Mills’ funeral. The church asks people to respect the privacy of the family and pray for peace for the departed. Although David Herward-Mills died young, his life was a long one. He could not have expected to live to that age.


During his life, Dr. David Heward Mills served as a psychiatrist in Columbia, South Carolina. He was the son of a Swiss woman and a Ghanaian father. His mother, Adelaide Heward Mills, is a lawyer and a preacher. She is the mother of four children, including Dr. David.


David Heward-Mills was an inspirational man. His parents founded the Lighthouse Chapel in 1923. He had three siblings who later went on to become influential leaders. In April 2022, David passed away after a short illness. The Lighthouse Chapel shared the sad news on their social media accounts.

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