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Debra Jeter – Mother of Two Daughters

Debra Jeter is a mother of two daughters. She was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

Her daughter Kelsey was 12 years old and her daughter Kiersten was 13. She killed them because she was in a divorce and custody battle at the time.

Debra Jeter was a mother of two

Debra Jeter is a mother of two children from her marriage to Lester Jeter. The couple had an acrimonious divorce and her mental health was impacted, which led to her attempted suicide in May 2009.

In 2010, she pled guilty to murder and assault charges and accepted a plea deal that gave her life without parole. The move saved her from the death penalty and prevented her daughter from testifying against her in court.

The woman was arrested after she allegedly attacked her daughters Kelsey and Kiersten. They were reportedly taken to an abandoned ranch house where she killed one of them and seriously injured the other.

In a video that was recorded, Jeter can be heard pleading for help. She asks for help because her then 13-year-old daughter Kiersten is clinging to life and she wants to save her. She even says she doesn’t have any guns.

She was convicted of murder

Debra Jeter was convicted of murder after she stabbed her two daughters in an abandoned house in Texas. She killed her 12 year old daughter Kelsey and seriously injured her 13 year old sister Kiersten.

According to reports, her husband Lee had filed for a divorce in May 2009 and she was struggling with her mental health at the time. It was alleged that she tried to kill her daughters in front of them because she was unhappy with the separation and wanted to end her life.

In May 2010, she pled guilty to the capital murder of her daughter and accepted a plea deal that gave her life without parole, which likely saved her from the death penalty. She also spared her surviving daughter, Kiersten, from testifying against her.

In a jailhouse in Gatesville, she met with her estranged husband and daughter and said that she still hated him but she apologized for the killing and deadly assault. She also shared some light-hearted moments with them.

She was sentenced to life in prison

Debra Jeter has been sentenced to life in prison after she was found guilty of murdering her daughter, Kelsey, and severely harming her sister Kiersten. The case has shocked many people across the country and made a lot of headlines.

She was arrested on June 5, 2009 after she placed a chilling 911 call, reporting that she had just killed her daughters. After the police arrived at her home, they found her with her hands up and a knife on her head.

It was then that they discovered Kiersten, who was stabbed in the back and had been critically injured. She was eventually rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Shortly after her arrest, Debra pled guilty to the murders and agreed to a plea deal that gave her life in prison without parole. She did this to avoid the death penalty and prevent her daughter Kiersten from testifying against her.

She committed suicide

After a divorce and custody battle with Lester Jeter, Debra attempted suicide in front of her two daughters on May 22. She said that she was heartbroken and did not want them to feel the same pain she was going through.

Then, on June 05th, Debra took her daughters out for a surprise. She lured her girls to an abandoned farmhouse off of Interstate 77.

As the children climbed up into the abandoned farmhouse, they were met with the shocking sight of their mother attacking them with a knife. Kiersten (13), who had been fending off the mother, shouted for Kelsey (12) to run.

Once she had the attention of Kelsey, Debra stabbed her in the back and then continued to slash her throat. Sadly, Kelsey died from her injuries.

The murder of her daughter was a devastating tragedy, which could have been prevented had the courts intervened. A temporary restraining order against Debra had been issued, but less than three weeks later, the court allowed her unsupervised visitation with her daughters.

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