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Symptoms of Depression in a Depressed Nigerian Man

If you think about it, depression is a state of mind that can be caused by a variety of things. If you are depressed, you may find yourself feeling unhappy and anxious a lot of the time.

It is important to know the symptoms of depression. This can help you identify if you or someone you care about is depressed and can help you get the right treatment.

Loss of Motivation

When it comes to depression, one of the most common symptoms is a lack of motivation. People who suffer from depression may find it difficult to complete even the most mundane tasks, and this can lead to a variety of health problems and, in extreme cases, suicide.

The best way to combat this is to take a proactive approach, and get help from a trusted doctor or counselor as soon as you notice the signs of depression. This will prevent a depression from worsening or causing you to harm yourself. The most important thing is to seek out support and love, so you can start to heal. The key is to have a support system that you can lean on during your dark times, and that means having someone you trust who is willing to listen to you and share their own experiences.

Loss of Intimacy

Loss of intimacy is a common feature of depression, as it disrupts a person’s social life. They may also lose interest in their hobbies or pastimes.

Intimacy is crucial to the maintenance of relationships, and it is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. When a depressed person experiences this loss, it affects their relationships and causes them to have a negative attitude toward life.

As a result, people who suffer from depression are often irritable and aggressive. This irritability can lead to anger, violence, or even suicide.


Irritability is a common emotion that everyone experiences on occasion. However, if you feel that your irritability is persistent and disruptive to your daily life, it could be a sign of an underlying problem.

Irritation can cause many symptoms including agitation, anger, irritation and a loss of sleep. It can also affect your relationships with others and your ability to complete tasks.

For instance, if you are experiencing frequent and intense feelings of irritability, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the possible causes. They may also recommend strategies for managing your irritability and coping with stress.

Change in Sleep Patterns

A significant change in sleep patterns is a common feature of depression and it can be one of the most debilitating symptoms. It can result in a number of problems, such as decreased motivation, loss of interest, increased stress and anxiety, as well as increased levels of depression.

The WHO explains that depression can occur at any age, and it can be caused by many things. These include economic disadvantage, relationship difficulties, physical illness, or problems with alcohol or drugs.

Loss of Interest

Depression often leads to loss of interest in things that used to excite you. It may include hobbies, sports or music you used to enjoy. It could also include your social life and relationships. For example, you might begin to withdraw from your partner or family. As a result, you might start to feel lonely and want to do nothing but stay home. This can be a sign of depression, according to Oyewole. Moreover, you might not be interested in sex anymore.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to seek help right away.

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