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Derrick Henry and His Wife Adrianna Rivas

Derrick Henry has been dating Adrianna Rivas since 2016. They are raising their daughter together.

The couple is a big fan of dogs. They have two pets, a Golden Doodle named Nala and a Rottweiler mix named Nino.

She is also a huge NFL fan and has attended many of her boyfriend’s games. Her support has made her very close to her man.

Derrick Henry and Adrianna Rivas

The Tennessee Titans’ Derrick Henry is one of the fastest and most precise running backs in the NFL. Despite his giant stature, he’s able to break through the line and get to the ball quickly. This, combined with his innate ability to use his body well, has helped him become an integral part of the team’s success over the years.

He has been a star for the Titans since they selected him in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft. He is also a huge fan of weightlifting and has a dedicated fitness regimen to stay in shape. He has been known to post pictures of himself lifting weights on social media.

Adrianna Rivas, Henry’s girlfriend has been his supporter ever since they started dating. They have bonded over their love for football and each other, and it’s clear that the couple is very happy together.

She is a public relations expert and entrepreneur who has been with her boyfriend for more than five years. They have been very successful in their relationship, and they are planning on starting a family soon.

Rivas graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in public relations in May 2016. She previously worked as a guest service representative for Marriott International and as an account executive for Technifax Office Solutions. In addition to her career, she has her own business called Attraction by Adrianna that offers eyelash extensions.

Her daughter Valentina Allure Henry was born on May 18, 2020. She is the couple’s first child together.

Henry and Rivas met in college and grew close to each other, forming a close bond. They eventually started dating after she enrolled in the same school as him.

They became exclusive in 2016, and they have been together ever since. They have a child together and are living in Nashville, Tennessee with their two dogs Nala and Nino.

During the course of their relationship, Henry and Rivas have experienced many highs and lows. However, they would agree that the birth of their daughter, Valentina Allure Henry, tops the list.

Although she has a full-time job, Rivas still attends Henry’s games to cheer him on. Even when she can’t make it to the game from her home in Texas, she makes sure that she stays up-to-date with all of the latest developments surrounding Henry’s career.

The love they share is evident in their posts on Instagram. They frequently post photos of themselves with their daughter and dogs.

She has an adorable little girl named Valentina Allure Henry, who was born on May 18, 2020. Her mother, Adrianna Rivas, also shares a lot of her daughter’s activities on her Instagram profile.

When Henry and Rivas announced the arrival of their daughter, they immediately got social media attention. They shared pictures of their baby girl with their followers and got congratulated for their news.

Several of their followers posted comments on the post to show their appreciation for Henry and Rivas’ news, with many of them saying how much they love the couple.

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