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die hard kendrick lamar lyrics

Die Hard – Kendrick Lamar Lyrics

American Hip-Hop Superstar Kendrick Lamar just released his highly anticipated single tagged Die Hard. This song is from his just released project Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers album which features Blxst and Amanda Reifer.

The lyrics on this album are very sincere and they touch upon some real life issues. They also speak to his own personal experiences and how his fame and high standards have influenced his mental health.

Auntie Diaries

In a time when the Black community is facing a barrage of transphobic laws, one song from Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar has already sparked controversy. The track, “Auntie Diaries,” is a nearly five-minute ode to two of his relatives who are transgender, and it tackles issues of homophobia and transphobia within the Black community.

While the track is a welcome addition to mainstream hip-hop, its execution has left many listeners confused. On it, Lamar misgenders and deadnames his uncle and cousin; he repeatedly says a slur that is often used against queer people, and he mixes up their pronouns.

Despite these microaggressions, the song is meant to be a call to action for cisgender people to respect and understand their relatives. However, Kendrick isn’t careful enough in ensuring that his lyrics do the proper groundwork to ensure that this message is truly received by the audience.

Mother I Sober

Kendrick opens up about a painful experience from his childhood, namely, that of witnessing his mother being physically and sexually abused by a family member. He remembers the adrenaline rush he felt when he knew he had to do something.

The lyrics of this song are quite touching. It is a song of forgiveness and healing, where K Dot looks to let go of the guilt he had accumulated because of his mother’s abuse, as well as the pain he had felt from all the ill-minded abusers in his life.

The song is accompanied by orchestral strings and a piano tune, which evokes a sense of peace even in the midst of trouble. It is a very moving and intimate song, which shows the rapper in his best form. This is one of the most important songs in his career. It was released on his fifth full-length album. It is a must have in your playlist.

Father Time

The bearded, scythe-carrying figure of Father Time is a personification of time itself. He often accompanies other personifications of nature, such as Mother Nature and Baby New Year.

Traditionally, Father Time is portrayed as an elderly man with a long white beard and a robe. He may also hold a scythe or hourglass.

In a song like “Father Time,” Kendrick Lamar takes a moment to reflect on the hardships that many men in the neighborhood face. In particular, he identifies a group of homeys who haven’t received a male figure to guide them in their journey towards manhood.

He acknowledges that as difficult as it can be to prove one’s manhood, there are always options and opportunities available for those who choose to pursue them. He even gives a special shoutout to the homeys who “figured it out without a dad,” acknowledging that the lack of a biological figure can sometimes make coming up more challenging.

United In Grief

The first track on Kendrick Lamar’s most confessional album, Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, United In Grief is an emotional examination of Kendrick’s life in music.

As with all Kendrick Lamar tracks, “United In Grief” is a sonic alchemy. It blurs, transforms, and blends unusual harmonic modes, clever chord progressions, modal interchange, and innovative rap flows into a new, enthralling kind of amalgam.

While most hip-hop songs are written in 4/4 common time subdivided with clear downbeats and backbeats, Kendrick frequently breaks with convention by crafting odd rhythmic groupings, asymmetrical phrases, and other curiosities that grab the listener’s ear in unexpected and original ways.

The song opens with a lengthy first verse, in which Lamar touches on a number of topics. It includes mentions of a half-assed mother, a father in prison and an older brother who was murdered. It also focuses on a model with green eyes, whom the singer met in Chicago and found empathetic. They form a romantic relationship and resort to physical intimacy after empathizing with each other as a means of coping with their mutual pain.

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