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DJ Akademiks is a popular podcaster, blogger, and musician who were recently linked to the Hip-Hop star Tekashi 6ix9ine. However, his relationship with Angelica has been tainted by recent allegations of physical abuse by the rapper. In an Instagram Live session, Angelica made the shocking claims that her former boyfriend was abusive and physically abusive. She also said that the rapper had been controlling and intimidating her.

In the beginning of their relationship, Andrea claimed that DJ Akademiks had abused her and that he is not interested in a relationship with her. This alleged abuse came after she allegedly threatened the musician with physical violence and intimidation. As the result, the rapper’s friends and fans began to suspect her of abusing the woman. Nevertheless, Andrea claims to have proof of the abuse and that she was cheated on by her boyfriend.

Earlier this week, DJ Akademiks and Angelica were involved in a spat after she allegedly accused her of laughing at the murders of a group in Chicago. Since then, the rapper has been in numerous spats and has since resorted to passive-aggressive behavior. In addition to his music, DJ Akademiks is also known for running five successful YouTube channels with millions of subscribers. Despite his many achievements, his relationship with his former girlfriend is highly questionable.

DJ Akademiks’ net worth is unknown. Although he has a large following, he remains very private about his personal life. His beefs with other celebrities have been rumored, but he’s always kept his personal life a secret. There have been several reports about his relationship with Brittny Renner, but neither DJ is willing to discuss them publicly. And there’s no indication of any relationship between the two.

While his relationship with Angelica is not known to be long-term, his public career has earned him a following of thousands. His relationship with Angelica has been controversial, but it has received plenty of positive attention. Besides, she’s not gay. She’s just prefers women over men. In college, DJ Akademiks worked as a Disc Jockey and started his own YouTube channel to gain experience in the entertainment industry. Then, he uploaded a video that went viral, which earned him 530 million views.

The DJ Akademiks’ girlfriend is Andrea Ggx. She is a Virgo. Their signs are compatible. For example, a Taurus should be able to date a Virgo. The DJ is a Taurus, and she should be. There are two types of astrology. The signs of the two DJs are not mutually exclusive. She’ll have a girlfriend who is a Scorpio.

DJ Akademiks’ girlfriend is Angelica Ggx. The two are not married, but their relationship is a public affair. The DJ has been linked to various celebrities and has over 1 million followers on social media. It is unclear if the two are a couple. It’s not known, but Angelica Ggx is a model, so she is most likely a Virgo.

DJ Akademiks’ girlfriend is Angelica Ggx. They sometimes appear together, but their relationship broke up at the end of 2018 and Angelica has not commented on the rumor. Their relationship is not yet public. In the past, she was dating a Taurus, but she has not confirmed a relationship with the singer. This makes her a Virgo. But it’s not impossible to get a boyfriend in the DJ’s age group.

Angelica Ggx is a model and DJ Akademiks has never publicly revealed her relationship with anyone. She dated other men while still in high school and has been open about it on his live streams. They both share the same zodiac sign. As for Angelica’s age, she’s not yet married. The two have a baby, and DJ Ggx is pregnant.

Her relationship with the rapper is a matter of public record. While she doesn’t have a girlfriend, she has been married several times. The rapper is also an accomplished YouTuber. He started uploading music videos on YouTube in his college days. His content became popular among young people. His passion for music led him to create a YouTube channel with 2.1 million subscribers. Likewise, the rapper’s relationship with DJ Akademiks’ girlfriend is a matter of public record.

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