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In DOCA bags stores we discovered 9 trends in spring bags for which you should be informed immediately!

In many European countries, it is believed that spring is the time when women “nationalize”, just like flowers! Women beautify, gain vitality, are fresher, and ready to face any challenge that life brings them. That’s why I decided to prepare for all of you an article dedicated to spring and women’s favorite accessories that are Doca handbags!

Which Doca bags, which designs, and which trends dominate this season and which ones will help you renew your style and look great every hour of the day?


 1. Pale shades

Doca BagsIf you do not have a pal bag in your wardrobe then you can not understand its value! Plush Handbag are a must and are being held this year more than ever. In DOCA bags stores you can find favorite pale shades that have been designed to match any outfit!

 2. Croc bags

Doca Handbags
You may not have been informed about this trend yet but we have huge news for you. Bags (and shoes) with this crocodile pattern will be the most popular trend next winter. So can you get a design in this style now?

 3. Logos

Doca Bags
The more we hear that logos are out of fashion, the more we will realize that this trend has come to stay and that we will never get bored of it.

 4. Wicker bags

Doca Handbags
It is a fact and no one can deny it. Wicker bags and bamboo bags are the most trendy in the spring and summer and you should definitely have such a bag in your closet! We chose the DOCA wicker clutch because it is perfect for any time of the day.

 5. Floral handbags

Doca Bags
Floral designs can scare many women, especially when it comes to handbags. In DOCA bags stores we found discreet floral prints that will not only not make it difficult for you but will help you make the most beautiful statement appearances.

 6. Fringes

Doca Bags
This year the designers show a weakness in the details. Fringes, feathers, feathers, and stickers are some of the details that stood out. At DOCA we found boho bags with fringes that are expected to break and remind me.

 7. Wood or cork texture

Doca HandbagsAll-natural materials (or fabrics that remind us of them) are a must during the spring and summer months. So you understand our excitement when we saw at DOCA a collection of bags with cork texture! Just wonderful…

 8. Red bags

Doca Bags
This spring, the bold shades in the bags and clothes give their dynamic presence. The red color remains the shade of the year and in DOCA stores you will find countless designs that will complete your spring look.

 9. Belt bags

Doca BagsThe waist bags were worn a lot all winter by the most stylish women, but they are a trend that we will see a lot in the spring as well. In DOCA stores you will find one of the largest varieties of belt bags to choose exactly the design you like!

Find all the above bags at  DOCA!

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