Does Facelift Help You Look Younger?

Facelifts are surgical procedures that aim at improving the appearance of the face. It removes excess fat from the chin, neck, and jawline and tightens the underlying muscle tissue.

Benefits of Facelifts

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1. Improves Your Look

The main reason for this surgery is to give the patient the facial structure or shape they want. Other reasons include getting rid of wrinkles caused by aging, sun exposure, etc.

This type of surgery is beneficial in providing you with the desired Look of youthfulness. With the help of this surgery, you can enjoy all the benefits below:

2. Improve Self-Esteem

One thing about your facial contour is what attracts people first. When there is a change in this area, it impacts how others see you. Even if you don’t have any problem with your looks, when others notice changes in your appearance, it will improve your confidence level and self-esteem.

3. Make You Feel Younger

People who undergo this surgery say they feel refreshed after having this procedure done by experienced surgeons. They think their skin becomes smoother and softer than before, making them happy. This kind of surgery makes them look so good that they often feel more youthful than they age.

4. Get Rid of Fine Lines

If you already have fine lines on your forehead, cheeks, and around your mouth, then this procedure would be significant for you because it provides relief to these parts of the body. Fine lines disappear due to skin tone loss and sagging of the muscles present in the deeper layers of the skin. So, the best way to get rid of those unwanted lines is with the help of this surgery.

5. Rejuvenate Yourself

When we say “life-changing,” we mean that it gives physical improvements, but it also helps us in many ways emotionally. If you think about other surgeries such as breast implants or liposuction, you must know that those procedures are not just for physical improvement. Many women do it for emotional changes too.

6. Easier to Smile

Many patients report that they could smile much easier after undergoing this surgery. They now easily show their teeth when smiling since there is no loose skin over it anymore. It is hard to hide these things if you have loose skin most of the time.

Types of Facelifts Available

Several facelifts are available, and each works differently according to its purpose and technique. The most popular ones are listed here:

1. The Mini-Facelifts

This type of surgery effectively provides less visible results, but it takes longer to recover from than other options. It also involves removing a minimal amount of fatty tissues, and hence it requires lesser anesthesia.

For these minor facelifts, surgeons perform a small incision beneath the hairline and remove the skin and muscle fibers (subplatysmal flap) from the front and sides of the face. Patients should avoid anything else that could affect their recovery period.

2. The Medi-Facelifts

To provide proper postoperative support, the surgeon divides the subcutaneous layer into two areas – medial and lateral portions. The medial part includes skin, fat, and soft tissue of the lower cheek, jawline, temple, and neck.

At the same time, the lateral part consists of the upper eyelid and skin over the nose bridge. After preparing the patient for surgery, the doctor removes excess skin and underlying tissues to create an effect known as SMAS (Sternocleidomastoid Fascia). Then he performs a midface lift.

3. Full Facelifts

With this option, the surgeon removes all of the subcutaneous fat and supporting ligaments and fascia. As a result, he creates a new definition of the cheeks and jawline. He completes the surgical procedure by tightening the deep muscular fibers. To make sure that the patient recovers perfectly, he will have smaller incisions and shorter recovery periods.

4. A combination above techniques

However, this is when your specialist thinks that the skin sagging has been created through aging. Another factor could be the overuse of specific facial movements such as frowning or chewing. This may cause excessive stretching, which causes the skin to sag more than what can be repaired by any technique. In this case, the surgeon uses both mini and full facelifts methods.

5. The Deep Facelifts

Since the deepest part of the facial skin lies between 3 cm to 6 cm, patients needing this surgery need to undergo general anesthesia. During this process, the doctor makes a couple of incisions near the ears and brow area.

To complete this operation, he removes extra layers of skin and then tightens the muscles around the eyes and forehead region using tiny instruments called “Tensioners.” This surgery aims to tighten up the loose skin around the neck so that the wrinkles don’t appear on top.

How Long Does This Procedure Take?

Depending on the extent of the surgery, patients usually take about four to six weeks before they return to work. However, some people can resume regular activities within a week after the surgery.

Recovery time varies among individuals depending upon patient age, whether the surgery was performed under local or general anesthesia, complications during the surgery, etc.

Women generally spend more extended periods recovering because of hormonal changes leading to slower healing processes. Furthermore, since this surgery is often combined with another procedure, it’s important to note that patients often lose significant amounts of weight due to eating disorders associated with these surgeries.

Who Can Benefit from Facelifts?

Patients looking for facelifts should consult their plastic surgeons first. They evaluate each individual based on their needs and concerns. If you’re interested in learning more about your options, contact us at our office today.


No matter how beautiful your face might look, there comes a time when it starts showing signs of wear. One must know that seeking help from an excellent cosmetic dentist is essential. When getting this or other procedures, one must always choose the best clinic in town. By consulting them, one gets guidance on which method to follow.

If done with the help of a trusted cosmetic surgeon, it could prove beneficial.

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