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Donovan Patrick Aldis


The young Donovan Patrick Aldis is the son of two  professional wrestlers who have recently become parents. Nick Aldis and his wife, Mickie James, recently welcomed their first child. Donovan Patrick Aldis was born on September 25, 2014. He has already won several TNA championships and won the TNA Heavyweight Championship in his second reign. His parents are proud of him and have a plan for his future.

Professional Parents

Donovan Patrick Aldis’ father, Nick Aldis, is an English professional wrestler and a member of the National Wrestling Alliance. His mother, Mickie, is also a wrestler. His mother, Mickie, is a singer. Mickie Aldis is a talented singer. He has already won several amateur wrestling matches.

Social Media Account 

While Donovan Patrick Aldis is not available on Instagram, his parents are. He has an account under the verified name of Micke James. She shares pictures of her current life and events. Donovan’s father has also joined the National Wrestling Alliance as a talent manager. The parents’ relationship is one of their most prominent assets.

Supportive Parents

Nick Aldis is an English professional wrestler who has been a star on the WWE for years. He is the husband of Mickie James, who both are currently working with the company. Donovan Patrick. His parents have a happy relationship and are raising their son in a supportive environment. The two are also very supportive of each other.

Verified Accounts

Verified accounts are Micke Aldis @themickiejames and Nick Aldis@nickaldis. Both families share pictures of Donovan’s life and other events. In the past, he’s been featured on the revival of Gladiators in the United Kingdom. His parents are still married and are devoted parents.

Father is Actor too

Donovan Aldis is the son of two professional wrestlers. His father, Nick, is the current Impact Knockouts World Champion. His mother, Mickie, is also an accomplished singer. Nick Aldis is a good actor and has made many television appearances. However, he as a father is a great role model in his life and his mother is also a good in her professional and personal life both.

Represented the United Kingdom

Country singer Mickie Aldis, was a valet in 1999 and is now a professional wrestler. The husband, Nick,represented the United Kingdom. Both parents signed with the National Wrestling Alliance. 

He Left Wrestling 

Nick is currently 35 years old he was born on 6 November 1986. Nick Aldis left Wrestling in 2017 in the hopes of going to WWE. Former NWA World Champion Nick Aldis has admitted that he wants to see if he can still get to WWE.

Acting Career

Some of Nick’s famous Movies include Gladiators, Are you Smarter than 10 years old?, UK’s Strongest man 2012, UK’s Strongest Man 2013. He has done TV Shows also NWA Power, IMPACT, Ring Ka King. Mickie James currently works for Impact Wrestling, she was in the 2022 Royal Rumble while holding the Knockouts Title. They both were married in 2015 and are still married as a happy couple.

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