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Drick Parrish began her NFL career as a second-round draft pick in 2005. In seven seasons with the Bills, she caught 134 passes for 1,502 yards and seven touchdowns. She was released by the Bills after the 2008 season. In the interim, she had a successful career with the Carolina Panthers and played for the New York Jets in Europe. Parrish earned the nickname “Pitbull” and has been the subject of numerous bios.

Sad Married Life

While dating Frank Gore, Parrish and the former NFL player welcomed two sons. The first was born in 2002 and the second was born in 2014. In 2014, Drick and Frank separated. However, Drick was shocked to find out that Frank was cheating on her with two other girls. In addition to his wife, Frank was spotted with two other women, including Jasmine, who posted images of herself and Drick on Instagram.


Drick Parrish was born in the United States and was raised in New Orleans. She is an American citizen. She married former NFL player Frank Gore in 2004. The couple divorced in 2015, and Frank Gore subsequently proposed marriage to Parrish. Despite the split, Parrish continues to make headlines. Drick Parrish and Frank Gore’s sons are now the stars of their show!

Interesting Facts

Drick Parrish is a model, actress, and entrepreneur. She is best known for her work with Frank Gore and her sister, Roscoe Parrish. She is also the sister of Frank Gore’s former NFL wide receiver Roscoe Parrish. She is an American citizen and holds a Bachelor’s degree in business. She is a Christian and is the sister of Roscoe Parrish.

Her Sons

Drick Parrish is a famous football player. She was also engaged to Gore’s sister, Jesmine. While Gore has never confirmed his marriage, he and Drick had 2 children together: Frank Gore Jr. and Demetrius. Gore Sr., an American football player, proposed to Parrish while she was pregnant with Drick’s son. He is a very popular NFL player and has many fans worldwide.

Husband Net Worth 

Gore has an estimated net worth of $30 million as of 2022. The couple earns most of their money from football contracts. So far, they are not revealing how much money the football player has made. The Net Worth of Drick Parrish

Flirty Partner

Drick Parrish is a beautiful lady who came into the public’s consciousness due to her relationship with Frank Gore. Gore is notorious for his womanizing ways, but few people know about Drick Parrish. In spite of the widespread buzz about Gore’s wife, Drick Parrish’s private life has remained a secret. There are two women who have claimed to have affairs with Frank Gore, but they have not publicly come forward.

Frank Gore

Franklin Gore is an American football running back who played for the San Francisco 49ers for most of his career. He holds the record for most consecutive games played by a running back and ranks third in the NFL’s career rushing yards. He is a member of the legendary “Frank Gore” family. The San Francisco 49ers chose Frank Gore as its third-round draft pick in 2005. The NFL has since used the former boxer as a training tool. Frank Gore practices quickness, jump cuts, and maneuvers while he is confined in a small area.


In the past, Frank Reich signed three-year contracts worth $28 million with the San Francisco 49ers. In 2007, he set a new record by rushing for 463 yards and receiving for a single season. His contract with the 49ers was renewed in 2014, and his net worth is projected to reach $30 million by the year 2022.

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