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Eko Fresh – the rapper’s fortune

How much money does Eko Fresh have?

Eko Fresh has been publishing records on a regular basis since 2001. While his career got off to a very successful start, there have been some setbacks over the course of his career. But Eko can always fight his way back and reach a second career high point. How much money was he able to amass in his tumultuous career? Eko Fresh has an esteemed Assets of 800,000 euros.

Childhood and adolescence

Eko Fresh Income and Earnings
Eko Fresh’s real name is Ekrem Bora and was born in Cologne. His father, the Turkish musician Nedim Hazar, came to Germany as a political refugee in 1980. His mother is also from Turkey, but has Kurdish roots. Eko grew up in the Cologne district of Kalk and Mönchengladbach started rapping at the age of 15. When Eko is 17, he invites his idol Kool Savas to his birthday party, which it actually follows. After Eko raps in front of him, Savas invites him to Berlin.

Eko Fresh – the beginning of his rap career

In Berlin, Eko Fresh recorded the EP “Now We Come On The Things”. This was produced by Melbeatz, the girlfriend of Kool Savas at the time. It appears on the Royal Bunker label, where Savas also publishes his music. A year later, Kool Savas founded his own label Optik Records, with which Eko signed. In 2003 he released the single King of Germany, with which he made his commercial breakthrough and charted at number 15. However, this also leads to an argument and subsequent break with his mentor Savas.

Musical breakthrough

The debut album “I am young and I need the money”Appears on the labels Subword and BMG and can enter the German album charts at number 16. The title track even reached number 5 in the single charts. The then chief manager of BMG, Thomas Stein, becomes aware of Eko and takes him under his wing. In 2004 he wrote the number 1 hit “You’ve broken my heart” by Yvonne Catterfeld, produced by Dieter Bohlen. He himself released an album together with his girlfriend Valezka in 2004. This is very commercial and we are torn in the hip hop community. There was also no great commercial success.

Feud with Kool Savas

At the end of 2004 Eko Fresh published “Die Abrechnung”. The song is an all-round blow to all those rappers who negatively mentioned Eko in the past. Among other things, Bushido, Sido, Fler, but above all Kool Savas, appear in the song. Shortly thereafter, however, he reconciled with Bushido. The following are numerous answers, the most well known being “The Judgment” by Kool Savas. Eko Fresh finally founded his own label in 2005 under the name German Dream. This is followed by label samplers and mixtapes, which are heavily shot against the competition. Optik Records in particular is mentioned frequently. Well-known rappers such as Farid Bang, Kay One and Summer Cem have now been under contract with the label.

Cooperation with Bushido

From 2006 onwards Eko Fresh could be heard on several albums and samplers from Bushido and his label ersguterjunge. In June Eko released the single “Gheddo”, on which Bushido can also be heard. It reached number 15 on the charts and is Eko’s most successful single in 3 years. Shortly thereafter, the album “Hart (z) IV” followed, which entered the charts at number 24. At the end of 2006, Eko finally signed with ersguterjunge. Ekaveli was released in 2007 and remains the only album under ersguterjunge. Since he is not satisfied, he declares the end of his career and can thus end his contract with Bushido.

Back to the roots

In 2009 Eko released the EP “Now we get back to things”, a reference to his first release. Eko is increasingly relying on more classic hip hop beats and increasing its sales figures from release to release. Eko reached the top with the album “Eksodus ”, with which he can reach number 1 in the charts for the first time. Then he signed with the newly founded label Punchline Records, which was brought to life by Aggro Berlin co-founder Spaiche. The albums “Deutscher Traum” and “Freezy” released on it enter the German album charts at number 6 and 4.

Eko Fresh assets

In addition to his long career in the music business, Eko Fresh also tries his hand at being an actor and entrepreneur. He has already played in series and films and brought headphones onto the market. With that he could be Further increase wealth and build additional pillars for income.

1 Income from rap music

Eko Fresh fortune
Eko has been releasing singles and albums on a very regular basis since 2001. Although he could never achieve a gold or platinum award, but with 9 solo albums, 2 collab albums, various EP’s and samplers he was able to amass a lot of fortune. Ek also wrote lyrics for several other artists, the best-known example is the song “You have broken my heart”By Yvonne Catterfeld. But Eko is said to have written and still write for other rappers as well. The name Bushido in particular is mentioned again and again, but this has never been officially confirmed.

2 Actor fees

In addition to music, Eko already gained some experience as an actor. You could see him in the sitcom Blockbustaz, among others. In the movie “3 turks and a baby”He played together with Kostja Ullmann, Kida Ramadan, Christoph Maria Herbst and Axel Stein. In the comedy “Verpiss Dich, Schneewittchen” Eko also takes on a role, the lead role takes on Bülent Ceylan. Eko Fresh could also be seen on television several times, especially in the formats of Stefan Raab.

3 Earnings through headphones

Inspired by Dr. Dre and his Beats by Dre headphones, Eko Fresh launched its own model in 2012. The headphones were created in collaboration with the Icy Box company and came at a price of 120 euros on the market.

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