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Eric Haze Net Worth


Eric Haze is an artist and designer from the United States who is estimated to be worth $14 million. Born in 1961, Haze was raised in New York City and was inspired by the art of his father’s friend, who collected pop art. While studying in the City College of New York, Haze became friends with Elaine de Kooning, and she gifted him with oil paints. In 1971, she painted a portrait of Haze and his sister.

Eponymous Brand

Eric Haze’s art and his clothing line have earned him a large net worth. His eponymous brand was introduced in Los Angeles and was launched internationally by the mid-2000s. He also opened three independent lead stores in Tokyo and returned to New York City in 2005. His works have been featured in numerous solo exhibitions around the world, including one in Paris in 2011 that attracted millions of people.

first eponymous brand

After launching his first eponymous brand in 1993, Haze’s success grew rapidly and his business began expanding across the world. By the mid-2000s, he had branched out into the fashion world, with a flagship in Los Angeles and three more independent stores in Tokyo. In 2005, Haze moved back to New York and established a second studio in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Designing his own clothes

Haze’s eponymous clothing line has been recognized as one of the original urban product and streetwear brands. He began designing his own clothes in 1986, and his designs influenced the look and feel of Hip Hop during its golden age. In addition to his clothing line, Haze also has an art gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo. The eponymous Haze Brand store has over a hundred locations across the globe.

Successful Artist

The artist has a huge net worth, primarily due to his success in the art world. As a successful and highly sought-after artist, Haze has a wide following in his native United States. He has been in Japan for several years, and his eponymous brand was a big hit with the Japanese audience. The eponymous clothing line has been widely marketed worldwide, and is based in New York.

Other Assets 

In addition, Haze also has a flagship store in the Tokyo area. With an estimated net worth of $80 million, Haze is a renowned Artist and is a well-known designer. In addition to his clothing line, Haze also has an eponymous design studio.

International Brand

He launched his first extra brand in Los Angeles in 2005. By the mid-2000s, HAZE had expanded beyond the United States, opening 3 lead stores in Tokyo. In 2005, he returned to New York City to set up a second studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Currently, he is worth approximately $60 million.


Haze’s eponymous clothing line has become one of the most successful in the world. In 1993, Haze married Rosie Perez . In 2013, they married, and the couple is often mentioned on The View. Despite his success, he remains modest and does not share his net worth. But his success is a great source of personal satisfaction for him, and he is very grateful to be able to work with his wife in his art.


In addition to being an artist and visual architect, Haze’s net worth comes from his business activities. His works have received several awards, including the “Eric Haze” award in 2008 and “Fish in the Dark”, among others. His net value is estimated to be $90 million. In the same year, he also owns a variety of limited edition sneakers. As an artist, he has a wealth of artistic endeavors that include graffiti, sculpture, and even film.


Haze’s net worth has been boosted by his success as an artist and designer. While he started as a graffiti writer in the 1970s, he soon became part of the famous collective, “The Soul Artists.” In 1982, he opened a Haze Brand shop in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. His works include album covers by the Beastie Boys, and the EPMD logo for Public Enemy.

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