Erin French Net Worth – How Much Is Erin French Worth?

The net worth of Erin French is estimated at $1.5 million. She has a huge social media following, with a total of 181K followers on Instagram and almost 2000 followers on Twitter. Her restaurant, The Lost Kitchen, has even been the subject of a short film that won her the James Beard Award. Now, the renowned chef is back in the kitchen with her new venture. Read on to know how much Erin French is worth and her career history.

Erin French has a large social media following, as she uses the hashtag #thelostkitchen on Instagram. She also uses Twitter and has almost 2K followers. You can find her Instagram and Twitter accounts by searching for “Erin French”.

After the opening of “The Lost Kitchen” in New York City, French began using her food to create a television show. The series, titled “The Lost Kitchen,” premiered on Discovery+ on 3 January 2021 and has six episodes. Season two will premiere on 22 October 2022. French married Michael Dutton in August 2018, after divorce from her former husband Todd French. Todd was a chef in New York City and had custody of her only child.

The chef and author of a cookbook, Erin French has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Erin French used to host secret suppers in her apartment in Maine. She later opened her own restaurant, “The Lost Kitchen”, in an old mill in Freedom, Central Maine. She employs only female chefs and sources the ingredients from her farmer friends. The result is a delicious meal with a huge net worth. There are many sources of income for Erin French.

The success of her restaurant business is largely due to the success of her television show. She has become a household name in the food world. But despite her growing fame, the woman behind the Lost Kitchen has also struggled with addictions and depression. Her first marriage was a mess, and her children’s health was put at risk. Her addiction to drugs and alcohol led her to seek help in rehab and write a memoir about her experiences.

Despite her troubled past, Erin French has successfully made a comeback at a young age. In the past, she was a struggling artist, but she has managed to turn her passion into a successful career. Today, she runs a successful restaurant and an incredibly popular cooking show on Discovery+, which premiered in January 2021. She has also written two cookbooks and is working on a TV show based on her restaurant, The Lost Kitchen.

During her college days, Erin French was pregnant with her first child. As a single mom, she turned to her mother for support. Her mother told her that having a child would be a great joy. After giving birth to her son, she married her husband and threw dinner parties for her friends in her Belfast apartment. Today, she earns over $100K a year. If you are wondering how to find out how much money Erin French has, here’s how she got there.