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Eve Hewson is a rising Irish actress who has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. She is best known for her role in the American television drama series The Knick. She played the character of Lucy Elkins, a former lawyer who was forced to become a prostitute by her husband. She has also starred in a Netflix series titled Behind Her Eyes, which will debut in 2021.

Eve Hewson was married to U2 lead singer Paul David Hewson in 2005. The couple separated in July 2015, and the actor is still single. The rumors are based on the rumor that Eve is dating Max Minghella. The actress has yet to comment on the rumor. She has been single since July 2015. The rumors are unfounded, however. Eva is currently living a single life in the early 2021.

In May 2015, Eve Hewson and Max Minghella split after a year of dating. After the two separated Eve Hewson began a new relationship with Elle Fanning. Her acting career has taken her to the top of the Hollywood power list. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows and has even been in a music video. The actor has been dating other people for a while, but she hasn’t publicly announced her relationship.

Eve Hewson was born on 7 July 1991 in Dublin, Ireland. She is the second child of Ali hewson and had her first love at the age of twelve. In 1982, she married Paul David Hewson, a lead singer of the rock band U2. The singer and actress have two younger siblings, Elijah and Jordan, and has two older brothers, John and Elijah. She keeps the name Eve because of a special reason. She was born on July 7 and wore the number seven in her wedding.

Her parents are supportive of her career. Eve first acted on “Lost and Found” at the age of fourteen. She subsequently went on to star in other movies with her sister, Jordan. The actress’s parents have been supportive of her career and she has never dated another man. She has not dated other men for more than a year, but her relationship with her husband is reportedly going well.

After splitting from James Marsden, Eve Hewson started dating Max Minghella, a renowned actor. The two were secretly dating until the middle of 2015, when Hewson decided to date the actor. The two were spotted together in Paris. After the breakup, Eve Hewson became dangerously single. She had a long-term relationship with The Social Network actor Max Minghella.

After splitting from her husband, Eve Hewson found love with fellow actor Max Minghella. Despite the fact that the two were not married for long, the two were romantically involved. In fact, the actress was so content with her new boyfriend that she declared she would like a robot boyfriend. In early 2021, she is living a single life with her sons. If you’re interested in knowing more about her past, here is a look at her career and her personal life.

The actress was born on July 7, 1991. Her father, Paul David Hewson, is a singer and businessman. She had two younger brothers and an older sister before separating from her husband. The Irish actress dated Max for several years before moving out and living on her own. After being separated from her husband, she dated Max Minghella. The two were married in May 2017. In early 2021, Eve Hewson is living a single life with her daughter. She had revealed that she was planning to have a robot boyfriend.

The actress’ relationship with James Lafferty is still under the media’s scrutiny, but it’s still possible that the actor and actress have a romance in the future. She has dated two other celebrities in the past, including Zoey Deutch. Whether or not she will marry him is not known, but she has had a long-term relationship with the u2 lead.

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