Everyday Car Technology That Derived from Racing

When you sit down to watch car racing, regardless of the actual sport, be it Formula One, NASCAR, or dirt track, it’s adrenaline pumping, high octane, and all-round fun. It’s easy to get the experience for yourself too, as many modern cars are using technology whose origins can be traced back to the grand old sport of racing. Oh, you don’t believe us? It’s true!

Of course, a lot of the time, when it comes to modern-day technologies, a lot of time is put into the general appearance of a car. Consider sites such Modern Image at who provide a range of services such as window tinting, paint protection, and ceramic coating. But that being said, there are lots of other elements that go into cars that are directly a result of what has been put out on the racing track. The below will consider these technologies in a bit more detail.


This is a prominent feature in the US as most cars tend to use automatic transmissions. These are beneficial for drivers as they make taking to the roads much more straightforward, as oppose to cars that need to have their gears manually changed constantly. This was first seen in race cars, as similarly to its purpose in their road-friendly counterparts; it translates the engine’s power to the car’s wheels. While some drivers would prefer to change gears manually to have more control over the process, an automatic transmission gets used frequently because it reduces the risk of human error.

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Though it’s likely you’ll only ever think about your car’s suspension when you go over a particularly deep pothole, the fact of the matter is that the implementation of suspension into road vehicles is the direct result of racing technology being translated directly into production cars. In racing, it’s always best to have all four car tires on the track as it makes the car more stable and means that more power from the engine is helping to keep it moving.

It was this development of suspension for race cars that went on to affect the production of regular road vehicles. So, next time you go over a big bump and don’t feel the impact as much as you should have done, you can thank racing for it.


The brakes in your vehicle, unless you’re a part of the fast and furious franchise, are likely pretty drama-free. The brakes that are developed for racing cars are built with the exact same drama-free goal; however, when you’re stopping a car going at 200mph, the stakes are a little bit higher. As such, racing engineers have designed brakes that are sure to stop under extreme circumstances, and it’s those designs that have wiggled their way into the development of everyday road vehicles.


Racing may be an incredibly fun sport to watch; it is also massively influential in the kind of vehicles that we drive. This is seen in the fact that many of the technologies we use in everyday cars derive directly from race cars.

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