Everything You Need To Know About Motion Sensor Light

As the owner of a home, the well-being and safety of your family is always your primary concern, and one of the most effective ways to improve the safety and the lighting of your home is to install LED motion sensor lights outdoors. Do you know sufficiently about LED motion sensor lights? If you are looking for new LED products, check Latest Deals for Everything Led discount vouchers. 

What is a motion sensor light?

LED Motion Sensor Light is a new technology designed and developed for sensing human activity information, specialized for detecting and sensing human activity information.

Features of Motion Sensors

  1. Adjustable design

You can adjust the angle of the 3 safety light heads and the motion sensor light head separately to meet your needs.

  1. Sensitivity and Time Adjustment

The sensitivity and time controls have been effectively upgraded, which means you can set the sensing range from 0 to 72 feet and the lighting time from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, or everything in the middle.

  1. Aluminum Design

The main part of the light body is constructed of aluminum. The entire structure ensures flexibility and durability while providing excellent heat dissipation.

  1. IP65 Waterproof Rating

This LED security light has a waterproof rating of IP65, which ensures that it can withstand heavy rain, sleet or snow outdoors. Recommended for porches, backyards, front doors, garages, patios, sidewalks, steps and more.

Advantages of LED sensor light

1, The response of the LED sensor light is fast and sensitive. It adpots the integrated design with the selected LED lamp tube, infrared sensor and photosensitive control system. There is no need to manually press the switch, and there will be no noise. 

2, The induction response is rapid and sensitive, and it saves power. it is a new generation of energy-saving and eco-friendly products, it is only used at night or in darker areas, when someone appears in the sensing induction area, infrared sensing module will be activated and detects signals, signals will trigger the time-delay switch module to turn on the infrared sensor light.

3, The human body sensor LED lights are highly efficient and energy-saving, with longer service life and more stable performance.

4, Effective economic returns: one of the major benefits of installing sensors is to save money. Significantly reduce power consumption by dimming the lights or turning them off when they are not needed, directly reducing electricity bills and indirectly reducing maintenance costs.

LED sensor light disadvantages

1, The sensing area is narrow, the probe sensor light on the human body detection area is wider and more reliable.

2, The range of sensing distance is limited, if the sensing distance is far away, resulting in a larger sensing area, the light is likely to light up when you don’t need it, causing false touch sensing.

Why Use Motion Sensors in Lighting

Motion-sensing lights are a useful resource for home security. What happens if there is movement but you don’t see the lights, or you are not home to investigate? You will not know if someone has come into your home.

Many people are familiar with manually controlling lights using a wall-mounted light switch. In a home or smaller commercial setting, this type of control works well. However, in larger environments with more people, light controls are often overlooked and lighting can last far longer than it needs to.

The best examples of this are fire hallways and parking lots, where there is usually very little foot traffic except during peak hours in the morning and evening, and where the lights should generally be set to a very low standby state, consuming very low power thereby significantly lowering the cost of electrical consumption as well as maintaining ambiance through low light levels.

Notes on Installation Issues

Your choice of motion sensor ultimately depends on the climate and installation location in your area. When installing a sensor light for the first time, it is best to have it installed by a professional.

Especially when installing a light sensor outdoors, you must pay attention to various factors such as weather and electrical wiring. To prevent any accidents, contact a local electrician to install a new motion sensor light switch right away.

Looking to install motion sensor lights in your home? CINOTON has a wide range of security sensor lights to choose from, and can help you select the fixture that best suits your needs. The CINOTON team provides lighting solutions for both commercial and residential properties. It will ensure that your new sensor lights are of the highest quality and functionality as well as specialize in providing you with a complete after-sales warranty service.


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