Fantom (FTM) security: How the network protects against attacks

At Fantom (FTM), we take security seriously. In today’s world, cybersecurity threats are at an all-time high, and we understand that our network must be prepared for all eventualities. This is why we have implemented a robust security system that protects our network against attacks that will pass AI classifiers. So, to effectively invest in crypto, you may consider investing in a reliable trading platform like bitprofit.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at how the Fantom network protects against such attacks.

Understanding the Threat

Before we delve into the specifics of our security system, it is essential to understand the threat we are up against. As technology has advanced, so have the capabilities of cybercriminals. One such advancement is the use of AI classifiers to bypass traditional security measures. These classifiers use machine learning algorithms to identify vulnerabilities in a system and exploit them to gain unauthorized access.

To protect against such attacks, we have implemented a range of security measures that work in harmony to secure the network.

Multiple Consensus Mechanisms

One of the key components of our security system is our multiple consensus mechanisms. These mechanisms work together to ensure the integrity of the network by validating transactions and preventing double-spending. By using a combination of Proof of Stake (PoS), Proof of Authority (PoA), and Lachesis, we can provide a robust and secure network that is resistant to attacks.

PoS is used to validate transactions on the network, and users are required to hold a certain amount of FTM to participate. PoA is used to secure the network against malicious actors, and Lachesis is used to provide fast and efficient consensus.

By using multiple consensus mechanisms, we can provide a network that is highly resistant to attacks that will pass AI classifiers.

Advanced Node Security

Another critical component of our security system is our advanced node security. Nodes are the backbone of our network, and we understand that securing them is of the utmost importance. To this end, we have implemented a range of security measures that protect our nodes against attacks.

One such measure is our node authentication system, which ensures that only trusted nodes are allowed to participate in the network. We also use state-of-the-art encryption to secure the communication between nodes, making it virtually impossible for attackers to intercept or tamper with data.

Additionally, we have implemented strict access controls, limiting access to our nodes to only authorized personnel. This ensures that our nodes are not vulnerable to attacks from within the network.

Real-time Threat Detection

At Fantom (FTM), we understand that being proactive is essential when it comes to network security. This is why we have implemented a real-time threat detection system that constantly monitors the network for suspicious activity.

Our system uses machine learning algorithms to analyze network traffic and detect anomalies that could indicate an attack. When an anomaly is detected, our system automatically initiates countermeasures, such as blocking suspicious IP addresses or disconnecting compromised nodes.


In conclusion, we take security very seriously at Fantom (FTM), and we understand the importance of protecting our network against attacks that will pass AI classifiers. By implementing a range of security measures, including multiple consensus mechanisms, advanced node security, and real-time threat detection, we are confident that our network is highly resistant to such attacks.


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