8 Free Calling Apps For Pc To Make Team Communication Easy  

Sending emails back and forth is no longer the only standard for team communication. Using online communication tools in the workplace is the norm today. As many organizations embrace hybrid working, finding flexible ways to communicate became an absolute necessity. By flexibility, it means that employees must be able to communicate in synchronous and asynchronous ways. However, online communication goes beyond calls and messaging. Modern communication apps are required to be multifunctional – they must support multiple communication mediums, offer a smooth user experience, and have multi-media sharing options.  

Some companies develop in-house intranets to meet their requirements. But only a few have the time and money to build an efficient platform. Feasibility is a major criterion when deploying a communication app. Companies are looking for free call apps and secure online communication platforms that are affordable and have resourceful features.  

Many free calling apps are available in the market. Here are an amazing few that would improve the team’s efficiency and boost productivity! 

1. Clariti

Clariti is a free calling app for the PC that offers a comprehensive range of functionalities. It gives users the ability to use it for team communication, including messaging, audio calls, and screen-sharing. The key reason why Clariti is the best app for workplace communication is that it brings all the communication to one place.  

With Clariti, it is possible to chat, send and receive emails, schedule meetings, and calls, make a To-do list and do so much more. Workspace by Clariti organizes similar topics under one workspace. It aims to speed up workflow by making it easy for employees to find information without having to do long searches. This can increase employee productivity and efficiency.

2. Workplace by Meta

Workplace is an all-in-one free calling application for PC. It is an ideal workplace communication tool that aims to connect individuals and teams. The app is exclusively built to meet the collaboration needs of a distributed workforce. Its interface is quite a close replica of Facebook which makes it quite familiar and easy to use. The Workplace Chat app also has Facebook’s interactive features, including audio and video calling Group chat, and Live broadcasts. Group meetings and one-on-one discussions are integral in teams. The workplace is an ideal video and audio calling tool for one-on-one, remote as well as hybrid team collaboration.

3. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a popular free messaging app greatly favored for its user experience. Its seamless and user-friendly interface makes it quite easy for a new user. Troop messenger has many features including instant chat, audio and video calling, file sharing and progress tracking feature.  

It also has special messaging-based features like Burnout and Forkout features. The Burnout feature is a self-timed chat window. The feature allows users to chat only for a stipulated time after which the chat is auto-deleted. The Forkout feature allows users to send a text or attachment to multiple users simultaneously. These exclusive chat-supportive features and its simple UI makes Troop Messenger a good collaboration tool. It is ideal for businesses looking for flexible team messaging and free calling apps for PC.  

4. Viber

Viber is predominantly a smartphone app that can also be used for calls and messages on the PC too. The app supports one-on-one as well as group collaborations. Users can text, call and, share images and videos with other Viber users anywhere in the world.  

The app has fun stickers, GIFs and other interactive features that help users to customize their chats and interface. It gives users a personalized experience and makes communication more expressive. The main speciality of Viber is that it offers data security. The app provides end-to-end encryption, which makes it an ideal platform to send  

5. WeChat Work

WeChat is a popular messaging app with free calling features. WeChat Work is a communication tool built solely for work purposes. It has many functions including text and voice messaging, broadcast messaging, video calls and conference calls. It is a specialized free messaging tool designed for enterprise-level communication.  

It connects corporate teams, organizations and even customers. WeChat Work has enhanced features apart from calls and messaging. WeChat Work includes features that improve employee productivity. Some of these features include an employee working-time tracker, email management and even automated billing for phone calls among many other features.  

6. Wire

Wire is another reliable free calling and messaging app. It possesses voice and video call capabilities. Most of all, it supports secure communication with end-to-end encryption and is also an open-source platform.  

Wire is simple to use and quite easy to install. Unlike its counterparts such as WhatsApp, Wire gives users an option of registering through email or with their phone. Users can easily use their email to register. This is a good security measure for users who do not want to publicize their phone numbers. Wire also helps users to organize conversations into groups. It also enables archiving and deleting of messages.  

The app can be operated via Web, Desktop and Mobile. It is also supported on most of the popular browsers.  

7. Skype 

Skype is one of the pioneers when it comes to high-quality free calling. It offers a clean interface where users can text, call or share files seamlessly. It is an ideal tool for small businesses to do team meetings and one-on-one discussions with anyone anywhere. 

Skype also provides messaging with safe and reliable encryption. The features on Skype enable users to customize their calling experiences. For example, specific ringtones for different users, animated emojis and GIFs. These interactive features help users to establish a personal connection with each other.

8. Line

Line is one of the most popular apps for free calls and messages for PC, which is mostly used on smartphones. It allows users to make VoIP calls –both video and audio. It allows users to send text messages, and share images and files in the chat window. Users can register with their email ids when using Line on the desktop. But, users must use the same email id they have used in Line’s smartphone app. Though it is quite like WhatsApp, Line stands out for its interface. Line imitates a social network platform with features such as stickers, stories and timelines.  

Users can also share multimedia files, including voice recordings, videos, and images. Interestingly, Line offers a LineOut which allows users to make phone calls to non-Line users with VoIP. Though the LineOut Service is paid, users have the option to make phone calls using Line credits.

The tech market is flooded with a variety of communication tools but choosing a free calling app for the PC can be quite tricky.  Understand the needs of the team and choose a free call and message app that enhances the team’s efficiency. Ensure that the app also provides data security and allows easy access. The UI must be easy to navigate, even for a novice user.  

Using a free online call app can save businesses a lot of time on software training and the cost of development. Most of all, it can make complex tasks easier with its many functionalities. 

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