Get your Dream Body with these Simple and Effective Steps

According to surveys, more than 50% of the people in the US do not indulge in physical activities solely for health purposes, and almost 25% opt out of exercising even in their leisure time!

Understandably, taking long periods out of your busy schedule is unrealistic or even possible. However, don’t yet lose hope about being unable to get your dream body. 

After all, you don’t need to spend hours at the gym or starve yourself to get your dream body. It is a holistic process that must be worked on at multiple levels. 

You must prepare your body for the transition from within to ensure fast and long-lasting results. Combine the benefits of nutrition and exercise to reach your body goals!

If you’re wondering how that’s done, let’s dive right into it!

  1. Put together a workout plan as per your needs

You must formulate a realistic workout plan to follow consistently without any excuse. Remember your goals, expectations, and the amount of time you can allocate each day. 

Split the time accordingly between cardio, strength exercises, and stretches. For instance, if you have only thirty minutes to spend on your workouts – take fifteen minutes for cardio, around ten minutes for strength training, and the rest for stretches. 

Remember to mix up your exercise routine and focus on different muscles on different days. This is necessary for two vital reasons. 

First, this will help you include your whole body, not just a few targeted areas. Second, exercising leads to muscle tears and swelling. Thus, if you keep focusing on the injured muscles daily, it will not allow them to heal. 

Most importantly, understand that “spot reduction” is a myth, and to work on a part of your body effectively, you must also work the rest. 

  1. Plan out your meals well

Exercising is not enough to accomplish your body goals if you consume junk and unhealthy food. You need to put effort and time into compiling meals that will provide you with all the necessary nutrients and be high in protein and fiber. 

Understand the difference between healthy fats and saturated fats. Switch your carb-heavy foods with protein-maximizing ones. Do not obsessively count your calorie intake but indulge in ‘mindful eating.’ 

However, it can be quite challenging to put a well-balanced meal on your table daily, owing to the time and energy constraints. This is where you will benefit from meal preps! 

Check your schedule for a day where you can put in some time and put together nutritiously balanced meals. Put them together in separate containers, pop them into the refrigerator, and heat them for ready-made meals. This will save you time and ensure you don’t eat junk food out of laziness!

  1. Opt for vitamins and supplements   

Your journey to get your dream body is much more than diets and exercises. You must ‘healthify’ your body from within to benefit from the regiments. It is about nourishing your body and improving your overall health to ensure long-lasting progress. 

When you follow a diet, more often than not, you miss out on essential nutrients because of cutting out different foods. 

Make up for the nutrients with vitamins and supplements. They are a quick and effective way to compensate for all the ‘goodness’ of carb-rich food!

  1. Get medical advice from your doctor

Before you jump onto the wagon, make sure that you consult your doctor for the necessary guidelines. 

Get checked if you are physically well because it is important to understand whether or not your body is fit to take it. 

All kinds of exercise might not suit you. Your bone strength, weight, and muscle strength have a major role in determining what is right and what is not. 

For instance, too much jumping can affect your knees and cause leg pain if you are heavier. While if you are looking forward to gaining mass, a cardio-dominant workout plan won’t help. 

Final Thoughts 

With the right plan and determination, you are far from achieving your dream body. Try and balance things out without just focusing on one aspect and avoiding the rest. 

Follow these steps to start your journey toward your body goal. However, the results will take time, so don’t expect miracles and be patient.


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