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Gigi Santo Pietro is 63 years old. She is a model and actor. She has modeled for several major companies, including Lion Brand Yarn, H&M, and Calvin Klein. Her father, George Santo Pietro, is a television personality who has worked as a dolly grip on several shows. She was married to Vanna White in 1996. She has been on various game shows, such as Wheel of Fortune, since she was a teenager.

Gigi Santo Pietro is close with her brother Nick. The two met at a dance school and were engaged. Her first husband, the actor John Gibson, died in a plane crash. Gigi and her brother had a close relationship until the couple split up in 2002. She spent New Year’s Eve with Nikko, her half-brother, but did not make any public appearances.

Gigi Santo Pietro is famous for her relationship with her brother Nick, who is three years older than her. Their relationship was formalized in 1990, after Gigi got engaged to John Gibson, a businessman. But their relationship did not last, and they divorced in 2002. Gigi and Nick have two children together. Besides, Gigi and Nick have a very close relationship.

Gigi Santo Pietro’s parents are both of Italian and American descent. During her early childhood, she was raised by her mother and her father. Despite their differences, they remain close and are proud of their accomplishments. Gigi Santo Pietro’s siblings include her biological brother Nikko, and her half-brother Andrea. The siblings are still a mystery to the public, but their relationship is very solid.

Gigi Santo Pietro’s parents are Italian. She grew up with George Santo Pietro, and her father owned an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. They also had two children together. Unlike Gigi, their parents are not active on social media. Fortunately, they do not have any children of their own, but her father was still close to the family. She often went to his house to cook for him.

Gigi Santo Pietro has two older brothers. She has a half-brother, Andrea, who was born in 1982. The two have never made public appearances together, but they are very close. Gigi’s biological brother, Nikko, is three years older than her half-brother, Andre. As a child, she had no siblings, but she has a half-brother, named Andrea Santo Pietro.

Gigi Santo Pietro has two siblings, Nikko and Andrea. Gigi’s half-brother, Andrea, is a restaurateur and entrepreneur. Despite the lack of a biological brother, Gigi is close with her biological brother, Nikko. During the past New Year, Gigi spent the day with her brother. She was also photographed with her half-brother, Andrew.

Gigi Santo Pietro’s birthdate is July 1, 1997. She is the youngest daughter of a famous TV host, Vanna White. Her parents divorced in 2002. She lives with her mother most of the time, but sometimes she lives with her father. Gigi is a big animal lover. She has two younger brothers, Nicholas “Nikko” and Andrea. They are a lot older than her brother.

Gigi Santo Pietro is a famous TV host. She has appeared in many movies and shows. She is married to her husband, George Santo Pietro. Their children are Nicholas and Giovanna. She is 23 years old. She is an animal lover and adores animals. She is not on any social media platforms. During her free time, she enjoys watching TV and working.

Gigi Santo Pietro was born on December 12, 1997. She is an American and is the daughter of a restaurant owner named George Santo Pietro. During her childhood, she was close to her father. She was raised by her mother and is the only child of George and Jaycee White. In addition to her parents, Gigi has two sisters, a daughter, and a son.

Gigi Santo Pietro was born on June 10, 1994. Her parents were married for 5 years. In 2002, they divorced, but remained civil. Gigi spent time with both her parents. During her teenage years, she attended college in New York. However, her mother and her father were divorced. They later reunited, and Gigi moved out of her mother’s house to pursue her studies.

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