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Global Marketing Tips for Ambitious Businesses

Some businesses wish to expand globally as soon as possible. They know that their products aren’t regionally specific and could be enjoyed from Vanuatu to Venice. If this sounds like your business, you’ll want to make your marketing global as soon as possible, ensuring that your marketing budget isn’t spent on local marketing that will only be seen by domestic consumers. This, of course, means marketing online, and this article will show you the digital marketing strategies you can use in order to get seen by more consumers in more countries as we draw towards 2022.


One of the key ways in which you can target the international market is to go by demographic when you’re paying for adverts. For instance, there are often settings on Google and Facebook advertising services that allow you to select specific countries you’d like to advertise in. But if you want to keep your options open, you can instead target demographics that you believe will be interested in your products, irrespective of where they happen to live. Toying around with these targeting settings can help show your business off to the worldwide consumers you care about the most.

International Keywords

Most digital marketing that uses SEO – search engine optimization – will be using local keywords specific to either a region or to a country. And the problem with this is that it might mean you’re visible to a domestic audience, but your SEO investment may fall short in other countries, rendering you virtually invisible to the global market. This is where firms like SEO Ibérica come in, helping you to manage your keywords and your SEO approach so that you’re pluralizing your visibility, making your website show up on Google’s search results in a litany of different countries.


One of the key ways in which you can reach target audiences internationally is to partner with influencers that you know have an international audience. Many influencers advertise this in order to show off their reach, which makes your life easier in picking who to partner with. It’ll also help if the influencer you choose is followed by people you’d categorize in your target audience – this will help your products appeal more to the people who are seeing them via the influencer. Use Instagram especially for fashion brands or products that have an appeal to youth culture.

Website Languages

A key sign to consumers that you’re open for trade internationally is to have language options on your website. Sure, Google Translate does offer a service to help consumers read webpages written in different languages, but being able to control the copy on your site – and showing different flags for the languages and regions you’re most keen to cater towards – will instill confidence in global consumers that you’re used to shipping your products overseas. Building translated pages is also a great way to insert more SEO keywords onto your website in different languages. This will help boost your traffic in different global regions.

Reach the billions of consumers who browse the internet daily by using the four marketing tips outlined above.

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