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Google Ads Trends You Can’t Ignore In 2023

Knowing the latest updates in Google advertising is necessary for every business. Even the slightest algorithm change can affect a website’s ranking. Thus, you need to upgrade your Google Ads with time to improve your marketing game. You need to level up your game, especially to get ahead of your competitors. Thus, knowing Google Ads management will help you stay aware of what’s happening in the industry. Through this article, you will know what changes Google has made in terms of its advertising platform. Going through these points will also help you get more customers. A trusted Google Ad agency near you can help you utilise these points in your business.

  1. Performance Max Campaigns:

Every marketer needs to have certain targeting options when working with Google Ads. These can be the set of keywords that you want to bid on. You can also include a set of placements (i.e. sites) where you want your ads to appear. Many advertisers use this strategy. But, implementing these methods can be tricky if you are a beginner. Recently, Google has started developing an automated experience. One such example is the Smart Campaigns feature. This feature has enabled marketers to make great use of targeting and optimisation. Besides this, Google also introduced a campaign called Performance Max. These types of campaigns need very little human input. However, the markets need to provide the aim of the goals, ad creatives, and so on. Thus, Google is simplifying the process of optimisation for advertisers. Performance Max also enables advertisers to advertise on other channels that Google owns. These include Youtube, Search, Display, etc.

  1. Advancement in the new local campaign formats:

Local campaigns prove to be very effective to bring local customers to the stores. In the earlier days, local campaigns were based on queries. For example, ‘best restaurants in Sydney’. However, you can also promote your local business through Google Maps now. The auto-suggest ads show a user the nearest business according to their location. On the other hand, ‘navigational ads’ show a business nearby based on the user’s location. The location is used while they are travelling irrespective of their destination. While ‘similar business ads’ are useful to know similar businesses in the locality. This proves beneficial in case the business you were searching for is closed. Thus, location-based ads prove to be very beneficial for local businesses.

  1. Advancement of Product feeds for video action campaigns:

Many businesses use video action campaigns to increase the visibility of their business. You will be happy to know that Google has now introduced product feeds for such campaigns. If a user comes across your video action campaign for a particular product, they will be shown a panel. The panel is placed below the ad that showcases that product. You should keep in mind that this panel is only visible in portrait mode. Thus, if a customer is interested in the product they will click on it. This will take the customer to the landing page. Using this feature has several advantages. It will help to decrease the time of conversion, improve sales attributes, and so on. Thus, e-commerce businesses can use this feature to increase their sales.

  1. Conversion modelling via consent mode:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) asks businesses to use robust data privacy policies. Google is also no exception when it comes to data privacy. In 2020, Google Ads service introduced the Consent Mode. Using the Consent Mode you can adjust the behaviour of the tags based on the content status of the visitors. The main aim of the consent mode is to stay in line with GDPR. However, many marketers face issues when implementing it. Such a problem is usually experienced when a user doesn’t accept the Ad cookies. Thus, the Consent Mode automatically restricts the Google tag’s behaviour. This restricts them from reading and writing cookies. Reading and writing cookies is very important for analysing trends. Without the cookies, advertisers won’t be able to trace the path between the user and their website. Thus, it becomes impossible to transform ad interactions into conversions.

To solve this problem, Google introduced conversion modelling for the consent mode. Recovering the path between the ad click events and conversions will now be possible. The conversion modelling takes the help of machine learning to achieve this. Thus, analysing and observing data based on historical trends becomes possible. This also enables them to differentiate between users. You can also know the relationship between unconsented and consented users.

  1. Integration of Shopify:

Recently, Google noticed the demand for Shopify in the e-commerce industry. After knowing its popularity, Google decided to incorporate it into their platform. This also provides the customers with a range of products. These products are the ones that are present across all Google platforms. Thus, comparing different products also becomes easier for the customers.

All the above-mentioned trends are just a few trends that are going to rise in 2023. Therefore, to make sure you are well-versed in the marketing game, do not miss out on any such trends. You can also contact a reliable Google Ads management service near you. This will help to boost your business through these trends. A reputable company will help you know everything about the latest trends related to Google Adword Ads. However, do thorough research about a company before choosing one.


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