Hitman Holla Net Worth

Before establishing his net worth, Hitman Holla’s early life was rather modest. He was interested in sports, and eventually left California State University due to poor grades. He then attended the University of St. Louis and became a basketball player before settling on rapping. His mother is ill with cancer, but his rapping career has helped her to recover from this setback. His early net worth, however, has increased substantially thanks to his successful career in the music industry.

The rapper’s success has also led to many high-profile gigs, including Smack/URL’s NOME and Summer Madness. He also has a clothing line, and has appeared in films like She Ball and Games People Play. His net worth is estimated to be $30 million, and he has several upcoming projects that will bring in additional revenue. The more hexagons there are, the higher Hitman’s net worth is expected to grow.

The rapper’s net worth continues to grow, thanks in part to his relationship with the social media star Cinnamon. The couple has a child together, Geremiah Fulton. Holla has not revealed the identity of his son’s mother, but he does appear on her Instagram. In addition, the rapper has appeared on many occasions together. It is unknown how much money he spends on his teeth.

While the net worth of Hitman Holla may appear inflated, he has earned a lot in the rap battle circuit. He has had 36 recorded battles, with over 80 million views combined. The rap battle circuit is his main source of income, but Hitman also has a clothing line that makes him a millionaire. The clothing line helps him to generate some income, too. In addition, Hitman Holla also occasionally plays basketball.

The rapper’s mother’s name is Sue Fulton. His younger brother, Showout, is also a rapper. He has a son named Geremiah Fulton. Hitman Holla’s net worth has been steadily increasing since his emergence as an international star. It’s possible that it will increase further as he becomes more famous and becomes better known. The rapper is currently worth $3 million and is expected to grow even further.

His face value has increased after appearing in the film She Ball. He has also released his own album and collaborated with rap star Jeff. His rap battles have gained him 46 million views on YouTube. His face value has also increased as his face has become linked to two murders. During his mother’s illness, 50 Cent helped him with his music and arranged a rap battle, and the two are currently dating. They also have a YouTube channel together, which is a hot topic in the hip hop world.

Alongside his rap career, Hitman Holla has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. His collaborative YouTube channel with Cinnamon has gained hundreds of thousands of views. In addition, he has a popular clothing line called ‘Hitman Holla & Cinnamon. He is currently on the 13th season of his hit TV show, Wild ‘N Out. The show features celebrity guests including Akon, Doja Cat, and NeNe Leakes.