How a Kiwi Chooses The Best Electric Scooter

To many young Kiwis, choosing what electric scooters to buy can be very challenging. There are so many different models that attract, lure, and bait the eyes. Not always of top quality, though.

To avoid the shiny, gossamer stuff from clouding your senses, you need to understand what you are looking for. Don’t rush. Pay close attention and focus on getting the best results — don’t let anything hinder or confuse you. With that in mind, check out these common sense tips, to help you make the right choice, and reap the benefits, especially an enjoyable, exciting ride every time.

1. Supported Range

Some E-Scooters support 20 kms per charge, others 30-45 kms and so on…

But the idea here is that you want to get the E-Scooter with the best battery life you can afford. It’s not okay to suddenly end your trip because the battery life drained– on the middle of the road. So make sure that you know the supported distances and you should also be ready to charge it at your destination too.

2. Speed

We all want to have an E-Scooter with very high speeds and which accelerates super fast. The model you should choose is based on the roads you need to travel and their quality. If your roads are gravel based or they are full of bumps, you don’t need high speeds. So you should purchase the E-Scooter according to road quality and whether you really need a fast E-Scooter or not.

3. Tyre Size

The E-Scooter tyres should not be smaller than 9 inches. Smaller tyres are not good for higher speeds. They also wear out a lot easier. The larger tyres like that of MEARTH S Pro electric scooters are a great option, the tyres are at least 10 inches.

4. Comfort while riding – yours

If you have decided that you will be using the e-scooter more often, you want your ride to be very comfortable. Handlebars are adjustable, so make sure it’s suitable for your height too. Your daily ride will be more enjoy if you’re comfortable all the time.

5. Charging Time

Some e-scooters will take 10 hours to charge. The Mearth S Series takes up only 4 hours to charge, so you can have a better, faster charging experience with Mearth.

6. Weight

The Mearth S Series entry level commuter e-scooters is indeed just right for the newbies, to take to commuting within the city. They are lightweight, compact, portable and foldable. The S Series weighs only 12.5 kg. The rider can easily fold it in 3 seconds, carry it, and store it in a small space, or under the desk, then later unfold and ride away.

It’s always important to know what you are getting into when it comes to electric scooters. The criteria will make it a lot easier for value-conscious New Zealanders to choose the best electric scooter for them. In the end, it’s best to consider the value (of the item) for money (paid for it).

Again, avoid rushing forth and picking any e-scooter model. Mearth RS and RS Pro commuter electric scooters can be good choices, as they won’t put a hole in your pocket.

It will be a much better idea to go for the highest quality as what Mearth offers, as the payoff will be great all the time.

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