How many steps a day to lose weight

Walking allows you to lose weight without having to work too hard. However, there are very specific rules to be able to lose weight by walking.

To walk it is one of the most used forms of fitness in USA. In fact, it produces a lot of beneficial effects: it makes those who do it happy, it reduces cholesterol, lowers arterial pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes and all cardiovascular diseases.

Finally, but certainly not in order of importance, walking allows you to keep your weight under control. The World Health Organization recommends how many steps per day it is advisable to do to stay healthy.

How many steps a day to lose weight

Traveling 7.5 kilometers you burn 500 calories a day. 2000 steps equals 1.5 kilometers traveled. Half a kilo of weight equals 3500 calories. On average they should be done 10,000 steps per day to get to travel 7.5 kilometers.

If your goal is to lose 17 pounds, keep in mind that in one week you can lose half a pound of weight. On the other hand, if you lose a pound a week, it takes about 17 weeks to reach the goal.

Take baby steps

The best way to burn more calories is to walk fast. But to do this it is not necessary to take longer steps, it is necessary to take them more frequently. Taking short, quick steps will maintain a steady pace and burn a lot of calories.

Change paths and surfaces

Changing your route is ideal if you want to burn a lot of calories. You can walk once along the road, once crossing a path, one day following a completely flat path and the next one that includes ups and downs. This constant change of route often reduces the risk of overload. It also allows you to further stimulate the muscle groups. The ideal, to better stimulate the metabolism, would be to walk barefoot.

Go out in company

To walk alone is always not recommended. If you start to get bored, you will not complete the course and you will burn few calories. It is therefore ideal to train with someone who walks faster than you. This fact will represent an extra incentive, both to be faster and to do a few more kilometers in the company of a friend.

Metabolism is a variable

The speed with which we gain and lose the pounds depends on the speed with which we burn the calories. This process is called metabolism. Each individual has a different metabolism and for this reason each person will have to follow a different diet and a different type of exercises to lose weight.


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