How Much Do YouTube Stars Steve and Maggie Earn?

YouTube stars Steve and Maggie have an estimated combined net worth of $17 million. The couple is famous for creating educational videos and hosting live shows. Their YouTube channel, Wow English Yellow, has more than one billion views. Their net worth has increased significantly over the past few years due to their wildly successful content and loyal followers. You can find out more about Steve and Maggie’s wealth below. However, they should keep in mind that their earnings come from other sources.

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They have several properties. Steve Harvey leases a 12, 000-square-foot property in Beverly Hills for $1.3 million a year. He owns a similar property in Atlanta. The couple acquired the Atlanta property in 2010 for $3.4 million. They also own an equally large mansion in Dallas, Texas. They sold their Chicago house for $8 million in 2018.

Despite being a part-time couple, Steve and Maggie’s net worth has been steadily rising as their careers have taken off. The couple’s first collaboration was on the film “Wheels,” and the two were soon a household name. The couple is also responsible for the educational YouTube channel Blippi. Their content focuses on nursery rhymes and education videos for children. Their net worth is projected to increase by $40 million by 2022, thanks to their success.

Despite their popularity, they still maintain a small presence in the YouTube community. Their videos have helped children learn English and improve their vocabulary. They have helped over 30,000 children improve their English skills. By providing these videos and lessons to children, Steve and Maggie have generated millions of dollars. And the couple continue to do what they do best, educating others through their message. So, how much do they earn? The net worth of the two YouTube stars is still under investigation, but the number of fans continues to rise.

The two are also active on social media, and their popularity on Twitter alone is estimated to be over $120 million. On Instagram, Steve and Maggie have nearly 197k followers and have 69M total views. On YouTube, they have more than one million subscribers. This is enough to support the production of short stories that they post. Their following on social media is also reflected in their estimated net worth. So, while their net worth is still unknown, we can at least make an educated guess at the couple’s current earnings.