How Much Is Colton Thorn Net Worth?

If you want to know how much Colton Thorn net worth is, you have come to the right place. We’ve gathered all the information you’ll need to know about this talented actor. From his bio to his pictures, you’ll find everything you need to know about his life and career. In addition, we’ve listed down his family and key achievements to help you better understand his wealth. But before we dive into the details of his wealth, let’s take a closer look at his age and height.

Colton Thorn rose to fame in the US after appearing on the reality show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. He dated Josh Flagg in the show, and they worked on some projects together. They renovated Flagg’s parents’ luxury home, and their fans praised them as the perfect couple. Colton Thorn has an estimated net worth of around $50 million. However, his net worth may fluctuate since his relationship with Flagg was never publicly revealed.

Joshua Flagg was born on August 20, 1985. He is the son of Cindy Flagg and Michael Flagg. He is currently married to Bobby Boyd. Although Colton Thorn and Josh were once dating, the two separated and ended the relationship, but Josh Flagg did not say that he and Colton would get married. Nonetheless, Josh Flagg’s net worth is estimated at over $ 25 million. This information should help you make up your own mind about Colton Thorn’s wealth and relationship status.

Josh and Colton’s relationship lasted for quite some time. In the early seasons of the show, they appeared regularly together. Josh and Colton even worked on their parents’ luxurious home together. Josh and Colton did not publicly announce their breakup, although they did share pictures of their wedding ceremony. Their relationship ended after a difficult period, and Josh’s ego has since gotten bigger. He has earned more than any other star on the show.

As for the rumored love story, Colton and Josh were engaged to be married two years ago. Although this ended in a divorce, there was a large uproar among fans. They still wanted Josh and Colton to tie the knot. It’s unclear whether the two will ever get together, but the reality is that they will not get married. The money, on the other hand, speaks for itself.