How Much Is Nick Varano Worth?

If you’re curious about how much Nick Varano is worth, read on! This award-winning chef and restaurateur grew up in the North End of Boston and worked in the family restaurant when he was just 12 years old. His parents, Italian immigrants, are now based in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. He has two children and has seven restaurants under his belt, including Nico’s Ristorante Wine Bar & Lounge.

In January 1968, Varano received a promotion from RCA, but two months later was laid off. He spent the next three to four weeks searching for another job. In January 1969, he bought a pizza restaurant in Gibbstown, New Jersey for $2,500, and opened Nick’s Pizzeria. His net worth is around $17 million, but his income is still uncomplicated. He has two children and a wife, and a daughter.

Nick Varano has sold most of his restaurant holdings outside of the North End. He has sold five Strega Waterfronts, a suburban outpost, and Strega Prime, a steakhouse. Additionally, he sold five Caffe Strega coffee bars in Boston. Danu has formed a U.S.-based LLC, PPX Hospitality Group, to run these properties. This new restaurant group will employ a thousand people.

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