How to Backup Trello Boards Effectively

Trello is a well-known cloud-based project management tool that is user-friendly and offers a wide range of connectors, a real-time activity feed, the ability to invite guests, Kanban boards, and much more. All business data that are essential to your daily operations are included in the system.

Challenges faced when using Trello 

Although Trello is a flexible project management application that facilitates task organization and teamwork, data security and continuity must be taken seriously. It is essential to back up your Trello boards regularly. This way, you can be confident that your vital information is safe and available even in unanticipated difficulties like system outages or accidental deletions.

Project managers must overcome several challenges daily related to Trello backup and restore. They also need to maintain security since boards involve sensitive data. Accidental damage may have an impact on business initiatives’ success:

  • Human errors can severely hinder the efficiency of project teams.
  • Data loss or corruption makes it difficult for teams to fulfil their goals.
  • Companies need more time and money to recover lost data and fix the problem.
  • Adverse outcomes, such as project delays, decreased productivity, and monetary losses, directly result from damaging repercussions.

Given these difficulties, IT managers require an automatic Trello backup solution that ensures teams have instant access to critical data and can keep working without disruption should a data loss incident occur.

Importance of Trello data and boards backup

Trello keeps recovery backups of its whole platform in case major interruptions wipe out its servers. However, they do not provide account-level backups. 

Because user data is housed on a shared infrastructure, the platform only guarantees that a subset of data may be restored from backups. Users’ deletions cannot be undone; thus, it’s important to regularly back up your Trello boards.  

If data is deleted accidentally, an unauthorized user gains access to your boards and modifies data, or if power-ups delete or modify data, this might be inconvenient and lead to more problems. 

Recovering the deleted boards and cards is impossible despite Trello’s various safeguards against such a fate.

An ideal way to back up Trello data

FluentPro Backup is a cloud-based platform providing automated Trello backup and restore. You can automatically and continuously backup Trello boards using this tool, which runs on the reliable, stable, and secure Microsoft Azure. All Trello backup data is encrypted to guarantee confidentiality. As a result, the system offers dependable protection and retrieval of data.

How to Backup Trello Boards Effectively

With FluentPro Backup for Trello, your company can:

  • Make regular partial or complete backups
  • Make numerous backup plans for Trello
  • Restore project data automatically whenever necessary
  • Establish a backup frequency
  • Execute a backup on-demand
  • Restore data automatically that has been lost or destroyed using a previously created backup copy

These features and functionalities are essential to your company. Data backup is automated using FluentPro Backup for Trello, which also guards your system from human error-related data loss. In the event of an accidental deletion, you may rapidly restore all your essential data in the same format.

Importance of Automated Backup Solution

Data loss can be disastrous, and getting the data back can be a pain. In rare circumstances, your company can even face a negligence lawsuit and be required to pay hefty damages. This is a dangerous scenario that no company wants to find itself in, and it can be easily avoided by utilising FluentPro Backup.


The ideal option for fulfilling your data backup requirements is FluentPro Backup for Trello. The following are the main advantages of this solution:

  • Decreased likelihood of data loss. 
  • Avoid human error-related expenditures and disruptions.
  • Enjoy continuous automated backups, a considerable time saver for your company.
  • Automatically revert to previous project versions if needed.
  • Reduces losses of efficiency, money, or other potential harm.
  • Ensures utmost data security and reliability, given that the software is hosted in a safe environment on Microsoft Azure.
  • Minimal support and maintenance efforts needed.

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