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How To Choose The Best Filter Coffee Machine

A good quality coffee machine is the ideal appliance to fix your caffeine craving when you wake up in the morning. These machines brew premium black coffee and take up minimal space in your kitchen.

Also known as pour-over coffee machines, the filter coffee machine provides a way to add your favorite ground coffee while boiling the water that you need to pour over your beans. This results in aromatic and strong cups of coffee when you need it most.

When compared to other types of coffee machines, filter coffee machines are among the most budget-friendly to run and buy up-front. These machines can brew up to 12 cups at-a-time, which is highly efficient for coffee grounds.

How To Choose The Best Filter Coffee Machine

Today there are many options to choose from, which can make finding the best coffee machine a bit of a challenge. In most cases, consumers that are interested in these machines like brewing large batches of coffee at a preferred strength.

Why Choose A Filter Machine?

Great tasting strong coffee is easy to achieve when you own a coffee filter machine. If you prefer to make your coffee using ground coffee, filter machines are the best option. These devices usually feature either paper or permanent filters, or even a combination of both. Preparing coffee in one of these devices is straightforward and fast. At the same time, these machines come in at an affordable cost.

How Does A Filter Coffee Machine Work?

A filter coffee machine uses a very straightforward principle. The first step involves pouring water over the coffee, which then drops into the pot.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Filter Coffee Machine

To make sure you are choosing the right filter coffee machine for your needs, here are a few factors to take into consideration:

– Permanent Filters Vs Paper Filters

Permanent filters may be a convenient option since you won’t have to worry about having to replace the filters. However, paper filters provide a great flavor without having to worry about coffee grains leftover in your favorite cup.

– Showerhead Or Pour-Over Method

Another important consideration includes what type of method you prefer when the water pours over the coffee. Certain models pour the water similar to a tap. Others use features that are more advanced such as a showerhead that sprays water over the coffee.

– Coffee Strength

Some filter coffee machines will allow you to choose the coffee strength. This typically has to do with the water pressure selected which either produces a mild or strong coffee.

Types Of Filter Coffee Machines

There are many different filter coffee machine types on the market to choose from. How much you are prepared to spend will help determine the type of machine you should go for.

– Standard Filter Coffee Machine

These machines work on beating water that passes through the tube, dripping water over the ground coffee. These models are inexpensive.


  • – Easy to find
  • – Affordable


  • – The process to make coffee can vary from one machine to the next

– Pour-Over Filter Coffee Machines

These machines use a pour-over method to saturate your coffee. This results in a more complex and richer tasting coffee. Many of the coffee machines that are available on the market today use this type of technology. This technique involves instantly heating the water, and the pour-over technique is generated with the use of a controlled-pouring system.


  • – Great tasting rich and aromatic coffee


  • – Some models have longer brewing times

– Grind And Brew Filter Coffee Machines

These machines first grind the coffee beans resulting in tasty and fresh coffee. When the machine is switched on, the beans are ground in either a compartment or the filter, before brewing the coffee.


  • Produces the freshest tasting coffee


  • The process produces noise

Final Thoughts

If you have decided that a filter coffee machine is the right choice for you, there are a few other features to keep in mind. Some of these common features include a showerhead, programmable timer, insulated jugs, and automatic switch off. Make sure to read over reviews and compare a few brands and models before you make your final choice.

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