How to ease migraine pain?

Getting a migraine is literal hell. It is not like a regular headache that gets better after sleeping. Sometimes, even regular medicine cannot provide you relief from your migraine. The pain you feel is equal to the literal injuries you face sometimes. A migraine can last for hours or even days. Some people also experience migraines for the better part of the month. It is a chronic condition that cannot be cured. However, you can treat it with a few home remedies, and lifestyle changes can also ensure you stop the migraine from coming on.

If you have been living with migraines for days, weeks, or even years, now is the time to get better. Here are a few tips and remedies to get relief from migraines.

Make your environment calm

Feeling the symptoms of a migraine? Try these tips to create a calming environment to stop it or make the pain manageable. Here are the tips:

  • Turn the lights in your room off, as sound and light worsen migraine pain. If you can sleep, otherwise, relax in a peaceful dark room.

  • Take warm baths or showers, as they can provide some relief.

  • Sip on a caffeinated beverage like tea or coffee. Just sip a small amount, as it can help relieve the pain when it is beginning. It even improves the pain-reducing effects of migraine-treating medicine. Remember to never take a lot of caffeine, as it can trigger withdrawal headaches. Also, if caffeine is one of the triggers for your migraine, avoid it at all costs.

Take help from a chiropractor

A chiropractor can realign your neck to relieve the pain. They also provide trigger point massage to relieve neck, forehead, back, or shoulder pressure. It helps you relax, relieve stress, and start blood circulation. All this can provide relief from migraines. Talk to an expert at to know how it will help manage your migraine pain. It is one of the best alternatives to taking chronic medicines for migraines.

Eat well

Do you know your eating habits can influence migraines? No? Well, it does. To reduce your episodes, try these tips:

  • Be consistent with your meals and eat them every day at the same time.

  • Skipping meals increases the chances of migraines. So, never skip meals and eat healthy instead of junk or processed food.

  • Have a food journal, as it will allow you to identify what foods may or may not be triggering your migraine. Here is how to keep a migraine journal.

  • If you think a specific food is triggering migraines, avoid eating it. The usual culprits are dairy, gluten, caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol.

Manage your stress levels.

Daily stress is part of everyone’s life. But when you have chronic stress or anxiety mode, the migraines will not disappear. Therefore, it is essential to manage your stress levels. Tips for this include:

  • Do not overwhelm yourself with fitting things into your schedule that you cannot. It only increases stress.

  • If work stresses you, manage time by delegating work or creating a realistic to-do list.

  • Meditate to reduce stress.

  • Try deep breathing, as it centers you, regulates your nervous system, and helps you relieve stress.

  • Chronic stress triggers migraines but can also lead to anxiety and depression. If managing stress is becoming tricky, work with a therapist.

Journaling your negative thoughts and stress points also helps.

Use a cold compress for pain relief.

A cold compress works well to relieve migraine pain, too. It distracts you from the pain while relieving the inflammation that comes with it. It stimulates the other nerve endings as well. A cold compress like an ice pack or even frozen vegetables will do. Or you can take a cold shower or bath to relieve the pain.

Hydrate yourself

Your migraine may begin if you drink insufficient water. So, ensure you are always hydrated.


Regular exercises like yoga, Pilates, or swimming can help reduce stress levels. It also helps you stay fit and reduces the chances of migraines. 

Try to understand the triggers you have for migraines. For some people, it is stress. For others, it is dietary habits or too much light. Knowing and avoiding your triggers can help you keep your migraine episodes to a minimum.


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