How To Get From Langkawi To Koh Lipe

Imagine yourself embarking on a spectacular journey starting from the Malaysian beauty in Langkawi to the beautiful beaches of Thailand’s Koh Lipe, both nestled in the middle of the Southeast Asian region’s Andaman Sea. Transitioning between the two two tropical paradises is an unforgettable adventure for those seeking the sun-kissed beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant island life. This guide we’ll guide you through the route starting from Langkawi from Langkawi to Koh Lipe step by step and provide you with tips on how you can secure the ferry tickets, get through the immigration process and get an impact of your island hopping experience. 

The most effective and captivating method to travel this beautiful route is via ferry. It promises breathtaking scenery and a feeling of anticipation for the paradise that lies ahead. In just a short ferry ride, it will take passengers from the serene Langkawi to the stunning Koh Lipe, making it the ideal option for a brief but unforgettable trip.

Although Koh Lipe may be small in terms of size, it’s impressive in its charm, with three beaches that are major: Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and the vast Pattaya Beach. These beautiful shores are accessible and since everything is near the shoreline, visitors will be able to have the entire world at your fingertips to explore within a couple of hours. Put on your seat belts and buckle up, as we take you on a scenic journey that will take you from Langkawi up to Koh Lipe, where sun and sand blend to create a dream that is worth exploring.

The most efficient way to travel between Langkawi in Langkawi to Koh Lipe Island is via ferry. You can reserve your ferry ticket with a variety of tour companies on the internet. The journey takes just one hour, so it’s ideal for a quick trip to an idyllic tropical island. Koh Lipe is only a small island, and it can take only a few hours to get around.

In Koh Lipe, everything is near the beach so it’s easy to reach various destinations. There are three major beaches located on the island. They include Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach (both appropriately known as) as well as Pattaya Beach which is the most extensive on the island. It’s the one you’ll reach via the ferry.


Getting the ferry from Langkawi was a breeze. Once you’ve arrived in Telaga Harbour Marina you will be given an immigration card to complete to use at Koh Lipe – as it’s an additional country. Thailand needs an entry visa, but you don’t need to worry about the requirement for a visa.

After your immigration card has been done, you’ll need to go through security and immigration prior to boarding the vessel. We waited a bit before we were allowed to get on the vessel. There was entertainment on board, typically a film on the way out. We watched Venom as we returned. It was an odd Indian film. However, they change the movie each and every so often.

The only problem was going through the immigration process on Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe. The person was unorganized! We waited for hours before we could pick up our passports, and then go through the immigration process. The issue was that they sorted passports out by the country, and then by your family name. So when you came from a place close to one end of the alphabet you had to wait for a long time. We waited for a very long time to wait for the United Kingdom to be called out. God knows what people who were visiting for a day were required to go through. First, you had to get your passport from the gentleman and then get your passport authenticated.

After that, you will be photographed at the immigration counter and pay the entrance fee of 200 TBH and clean up fee. Then, before you are allowed to proceed your luggage/bag must be scanned. It was a good thing I was with my mom, so they didn’t check mine because they already searched hers. We finally got to our accommodations and relaxed on the island.


The trip between Langkawi’s Telaga Harbour to Koh Lipe’s Pattaya Port takes around 90 minutes.

The two Langkawi departure points to choose from: Kuah Jetty and Telaga Harbor.

The Kuah principal ferry terminal that is open all year is also used to service ferry services that go to Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah and Penang and Satun (Koh Lipe), Thailand.

It is important to note that the Telaga Harbor departure location is seasonal and is only open for a portion of the season. Telaga Harbor is the closest to the airport as well as the beaches that are popular, but it is a little less travel when using taxi services.

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