How to Spot Fake Malachite?

Malachite is a precious gemstone, it is widely used on bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Many couples like it so much, the matching couple bracelet (visit here) with gemstone is their first choice. But there are man fake gemstones, today we talk about how to tell the fake malachite gemstone.

How to spot fake malachite now the first thing I look for when I’m looking at malachite is the color. now a lot of fake malachite uses black but real malachite doesn’t have black in it it has a very very dark green and also with the color, a lot of fake malachite only uses three colors they usually use bright green dark green in black that’s the span of the colors they use in fake malachite whereas genuine malachite has many many many views of green arranging from a very pale grain to a very very dark almost black light green so if you are looking at malachite and it only has three shades of green it is most likely fake

The next biggest thing to look for when buying fake malachite is the pattern now, genuine malachite has very very complicated orbs and patterns that you can simply not replicate in fake malachite so real malachite has these gorgeous orbs and fake malachite doesn’t really have any orbs at all they tried to replicate this but it often just looks like a paint by numbers or circles stacked on top of each other so that’s another huge indicator look at the color and look at the pattern because you will see it’s very obvious the difference between fake and real malachite now.

I said before that usually the price is a good indicator of a fake or real kite but one of my viewers pointed out that that’s not always the case and you will see that some sellers on Etsy were hiking up the price of fake malachite to make it seem like it’s genuine malachite so they’d be selling fake malachite for 70 or 80 or even $100 so sometimes the buyer thinks it’s genuine because the price is so high but that is not always true and some genuine malachite is sometimes only twenty or thirty dollars which are true so sometimes the price isn’t always an indicator but it definitely can be if you’re buying dollar malachite it’s probably plastic but I would definitely use the color and pattern as the biggest indicator on whether you’re buying fake or real malachite

If you are able to touch the malachite genuine malachite will feel very heavy and very cold whereas fake malachite because it’s often plastic will feel very light and very warm now I don’t really want to recommend doing this but this is also a way to test if a crystal is fake or not especially if it’s plastic you could hold a flame to it obviously the plastic will melt and the real crystal you won’t have any effect with the flame.

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