How to Use a Desk Pad Calendar to Boost Productivity

The best way to achieve your goals and get everything done is to keep track of things and consistently push yourself. Time can go by so quickly, and all kinds of urgent matters can easily cause other tasks to be left behind for another day, which is why it is important to learn how to prioritise your time and use the right tools to support you on your journey.

A desk pad calendar can help you boost your productivity, as long as you add it as part of your daily habits. Take a look at some of the strategies you can use to get organised.

Fill Out Your Weekly Desk Pad at the Beginning of the Week

Start by choosing the best time for you to plan the upcoming week. For some people, that is Sunday night, while others want to start out on Monday morning. If you take the weekend off, you can do it Friday afternoon. It will help to choose a time each week to plan the coming week so that you are more organised.

There will be tasks that you need to do, so you can include anything that is set in stone. Then, look at your discretionary time. Consider your long-term goals and what you are working on, and schedule blocks of time where you can. If you exercise, be sure to keep it on your calendar. Consider anything that didn’t get done the previous week.

Look at How Your Schedule Worked Out the Previous Week

When you are planning with your desk pad planner, you should always evaluate how the previous week’s schedule worked out. This is the best way to improve your schedule, and over time it will become easier for you. Look at your immediate tasks, and make sure that you got them done. Then, see where you can do a better job of scheduling time for your long-term goals. These goals can be job-related or personal, such as spending time with family or friends.

Break Your Long-Term Goals Down into Manageable Chunks

Having large open ended goals can be overwhelming. For example, you might decide to take your Bachelor’s Degree, but first, you should break that down into smaller steps. Decide which degree you will do, find out more about the application process as well as the length of study, what books you require when you begin studying and so on and so forth. When you chip away at your goals each week, it becomes a lot easier to get it done.

You can do the same with other types of goals. If you are trying to add exercise into your schedule, break it down into manageable chunks so that you can do it. See how it goes and adjust your schedule each week.

Be sure to keep track of your deadlines for your goals as well. This will help you stay on top of when your long-term plans need to be finished.

Make Sure That You Mark Your Accomplishments

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to mark off your accomplishments. You can use a check mark or a sticker, and set goals for yourself. Some people treat themselves to a candy bar or a coffee on days when they finish their lists. This will make you look forward to getting your tasks done every day.

Keep Your Desk Pad Where You Can See it

Your desk pad should always be accessible because you want to make a habit of using it throughout the day. Don’t leave it hidden in a drawer or in your desk. It should stay out next to your computer. If you notice that you are forgetting to use it, you should consider moving it to a better spot. Your goal is to make a habit out of referring to your desk pad calendar each time you move on to another task.

Use Your Calendar for Goals and Tasks

If the purpose of your calendar is to try to organise your life, get your tasks done, and incorporate long-term goals, you shouldn’t add in other information, such as people’s birthdays or other types of information. Keep these things separate as they can clutter up your calendar and make it harder to use.

It is important to keep your calendar focused on your tasks and goals so that you can easily see what you need to do without being distracted by other information. You will start missing important tasks if you have too many different kinds of information on the calendar.

You Can Beat Procrastination

Everyone puts off tasks that they aren’t looking forward to, especially if the deadline hasn’t arrived yet. Using your desk pad calendar is a great way to start visualising your to-do list. When you see one item remaining on your list, you are more likely to do it. It is harder to procrastinate when it is right there staring up at you. This is a great motivator for tasks that you want to put off because one part of you will want to complete your list for the day.

Personalise It So That It Is Right for You

You can fill out your desk pad calendar in a way that inspires you. One of the great things about it is that you don’t have to follow any particular style. You can write your lists in a way that you understand it, and you can choose how you reward yourself for a job well done. Some people use a section for their weekly grocery list. They schedule when they plan to go to the store, and they keep a running list that they can add to as they find items they need. There are a lot of ways of using the calendar to simplify and organise your life, so make sure you personalise it so that it works best for you.

Start Boosting Your Productivity Today

Using a desk pad calendar is a great way to organise your life. You will boost your productivity, and you will make headway on your long-term goals. Personalise your calendar so that you are inspired and motivated to complete your tasks, and review your progress on long-term goals each week. Desk pad calendar is one tool you can use in boosting your productivity and there are many other options you can use along side with  desk pad calendar. Visit this interesting guide to learn more about boosting your productivity with simple toolds.


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