How to use Herbiar hair tinsel that comes with beads?

Hair tinsel is also known as fairy hair, sparkling hair, or glitter hair. This glitzy product is temporarily tied to the hair to give shimmering and reflective effects. Sparkling hair was a trend in the late 1990s and early 2000s; now, it is becoming fashionable again. As a result, many teenagers, girls, and women prefer to wear hair tinsel at events, parties, and occasions. Furthermore, many girls or women use funky colors of hair tinsel, and many females use the color according to their hair color, such as blond, brown or black. To fulfill this fairy hair, aka sparkling hair needs, Herbiar designed a product named Hair tinsel.

Getting shiny and sparkling hair is not difficult anymore. Herbiar hair tinsel comes with tools and accessories that make it easy to use. Herbiar hair tinsel pack includes:

  1. 2400 strands of hair with 12 different colors, i.e., brown, pink, green, red, black, sky blue, rose, gem blue, laser silver, gold, rainbow colors, and champagne gold.
  2. Beads: Herbiar hair tinsel comes with 200 beads in a pack that helps you to apply the hair tinsel perfectly with your hair.
  3. Plier: It is used to tighten the bead and helps to remove it.
  4. Pulling needle: It is attached with a crochet and helps to put hair and tinsel in a bead.
  5. Crochet: It holds the bead and helps to make a secure connection between the crochet and beaded loop.

How to use herbiar hair tinsel?

Step 1:

Wash your hair properly with shampoo and use conditioner. Dry your hair with a towel or use a dryer(if you have one.)

Step 2:

Do hair combing properly. Style your hair the way you want them and complete your hairstyle.

Step 3:

Find places where you want sparkling hair. Then, divide your hair into two sections from where you want the fairy hair. 

Step 4:

Comb your hair properly and take 5 or 6 strands of your hair in your fingers.

Step 5:

Pick up your favorite color of hair tinsel and fold it in half.

Step 6:

Take a crochet and a bead from the pack of Herbiar hair tinsel. Put the bead into the crochet.

Step 7:

Use a pulling needle to enter that 5 or 6 strands of hair into the bead that you picket in step 4. Make sure that the bead still remains in the crochet.

Step 8:

Take hair tinsel and place it on the pulling needle. Enter the hair tinsel into the bead.

Step 9:

Pull out the crochet from the opposite direction so that the strands of hair, tinsel, and bead remain with the hair, and the crochet comes out.

Step 10:

Take the plier that comes with the pack of Herbiar hair tinsel. Hold the bead from its edges with a plier and move it forward until it reaches the head.

Step 11:

Press the bead with a plier to tighten it so it won’t fall.

After reading these steps, you see that putting the hair tinsels are very easy. The great benefit of Herbiar hair tinsel is that it is heat resistant, which means you can curl or straighten them according to your needs. They are heat resistant up to 200 °C/ 392 °F. 

Herbiar hair tinsel can last up to 4 – 8 weeks, so you can easily wash your hair and comb it as you do. It will not damage or destroy your hair, and that’s why its aftercare is easy.

Herbiar hair tinsel is the best temporary solution for those who do not want to dye or change their hair permanently. So what are you waiting for? Shop now at Herbiar!


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