Top 5 Summer Concert Outfit Ideas for Women

What to wear at a summer concert as a woman?

Apart from cozy beaches and cruising under the hot sun, summer comes with the best events – outdoor concerts. It’s easy to get swamped up with the heat of the day and you forget to plan what outfit to wear. But not to worry, we covered some of the top summer concert outfit ideas that are both Insta and Pinterest-worthy. We made our picks from super trendy ensembles and comfy staples that you can easily style for the event. These 5 outfits are gorgeous pieces you already have in your wardrobe making it easier for you to wear the look.

1.Leather Jacket, Crop Top, Mini Skirt, & Thigh High Boots

Outfit Ideas for Women

Aside from function, there has to be a thing with jackets and autumn as an outfit for a summer concert. They easily make an outfit look edgy without detracting from the overall look. When it’s windy or a bit chilly, throw on a comfy jacket and you not only get comfort but glam in one look. Another way you can repurpose these summer concert outfits is with a midi dress, a denim jacket, and a cute pair of sneakers. 

2.High-Waisted Jeans & Long-Sleeved Crop Top

Outfit Ideas for Women

Attending a music festival or concert in summer with no idea what to wear, a long-sleeved crop top and jeans will tune you into a chill vibe. If you want your summer concert outfit to spell summer more than it already is, go for a floral crop top and switch the clear heels with strappy sandals or neutral slides. The best part about this outfit is that you can wear it for all concert types and any time of the day. If there’s a fan top, you can tie the hem into a knot to get that cropped effect, then finish off with sneakers instead. 

3.Shirt Dress & Ankle Boots

Outfit Ideas for Women

A neutral shirt dress is a cutie you can wear for a country music concert. It is effortlessly stylish and takes you to concerts from summer to fall with just a little styling. In summer, you can pair the dress with nude slides and in Fall, a pair of black cowboy boots will create the perfect look. To rev up your glam in this summer concert dress, throw on a cowboy hat and enjoy the seasonal breeze on your skin. You know what will hit differently? A lightweight, breezy flower shirt dress with adjustable tie straps and a ruffle skirt paired with statement earrings.

4.Crochet Two Piece Outfit

Outfit Ideas for Women

Calling all pop music lovers! These concert outfit essentials are for you! For a hot sunny day when you want to wear lots of color this two-piece knit dress for a summer concert is tested and definitely concert-approved. You can sprinkle in a bit of your personality with a charm necklace or birthstone ring. Or you can wear the two pieces separately to get a fun take on your looks. 

5.Matching Bralette & Ruffle Mini Skirt

Outfit Ideas for WomenOutfit Ideas for Women

All you need to get a fab outdoor outfit for a summer concert is a lovely pair and a bandeau top and ruffle mini skirt is one of those looks. It is a casual pop concert outfit edit that is still super Insta-worthy and perfect for when you want to dance like nobody’s watching. To get the comfort of denim in your look, throw on a light denim jacket. But if you want to wear it differently, pair a strapless feather bandeau top with distressed shorts. A bandage mini dress with rhinestones will also indulge you like any of these pairs.

How to Accessorize Your Outfit for a Summer Concert

Your concert outfit shouldn’t just end with your ensemble, the accessories you style your outfit with also matter. Below is a round-up of the best accessories you need to complete your concert outfit:

  • Jewelry: Statement earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets add some sparkle to your outfits. A special piece to you can add a little personality to your summer concert dress and pretty much brighten up your mood. 
  • Bags: In addition to your jewelry, a lovely bag is not only functional but can also impact the styling of your outfit. It may be a straw purse, a cute clutch, or a crossbody bag depending on the type of concert and the outfit you’re wearing. 
  • Shoes: Boots, heels, slides, or sandals whatever your fave is should pair well with your outfit and instantly take your outfit to the next level.
  • Other Accessories: Hair accessories, hats, belts, and sunglasses are accessories you can wear to achieve an iconic look at a special concert. For instance, a cute straw hat with metallic pink cowboy boots is a perfect combination to wear with your outfit for a country-cool vibe.


Now you know what outfits to wear to your next concert and the accessories you need to gear up your looks, you must shop for a dress for a summer concert that is not just stylish but also comfortable. SunsetFashionLA is a women’s clothing store where you can shop outfits for concerts whether it’s outdoors in the cool of spring, under the summer sun, or the breezy feel of Fall, they have the perfect picks to give you a flattering fit. And you know what’s music to our ears? Their outfits are available at budget-friendly prices and in a wide variety so you have many options to make your pick from.

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