How Will Cross-selling And Upselling In The Shopify Store Boost Brand Value?

Every business is coming up with new strategies to retain their customers and gain attention from the new ones. After all, what is your main aim in running an ecommerce store? You might say boosting sales, brand value, profit margin, or traffic.

Well, there are certain touchpoints that you need to focus on during the Shopify development process to achieve your goals.

Did you come across cross-selling and upselling in an ecommerce store? Well, will great opportunities, the revenue potential does not end at the point of sale if you follow good practices.

There is a 91% chance of customers being interested in purchasing again if they get relevant offers. This might grab your attention in optimizing your Shopify store for a better user experience. So, here we will be focusing on effective strategies to cross-sell and upsell your products to potential leads.

What Are Cross-selling And Upselling?


It is a marketing strategy used during the customer journey to convince them to purchase more products. This helps businesses generate better revenue and guide the customers to make a successful purchase.


Ecommerce stores use this strategy to convince customers to purchase premium or better versions of the items and add-ons. The goal is to make bigger sales by making the customers invest in the upgraded products.

The Main Difference Between Cross-sell And Upselling Is:

Cross-selling aims to sell relevant products to customers based on their purchase history. Whereas upselling will recommend similar products but upgraded versions.

For example, if a customer searches for iPhone 11, they will get a list of accessories listed under “Frequently Bought Together,” which is cross-selling. While they also get recommendations for buying the iPhone 11 with more storage, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13, which will be more expensive. This is known as upselling.

How To Automate Cross-sells And Upsells In Shopify?

It is important to know the sections where you will apply these techniques, as there are multiple touchpoints. The simple process is as follows:

  • Create a dedicated collection for bundles
  • Float the cross-sell or upsell offer only when the product is added to the cart
  • Redirect to Shopify’s “Post Purchase” feature that will enable your store to offer customers an additional item or upgrade after adding all the information. This might be before the Order Confirmation page
  • Take benefit from the Shopify, Thank you page to offer the customers relevant products after completing their purchase
  • Use text or email marketing tools to reach customers when they have made a successful purchase. Make an offer about complementary items depending on their previous purchases.

Many themes in Shopify have the capabilities to cross-sell and up-sell, where you do not need to add extra resources or maintenance. You might require to hire Shopify developers that will provide sophisticated strategies for upselling and cross-selling on your ecommerce platform.

What Are The Unique Techniques Of Upselling And Cross-selling In Shopify?

1. Showcase Relevant Choices

Convincing the customers is a sensitive section as they have various choices and can easily rely on your competitors for the purchase. A subtle upsell is crucial in enhancing your brand value for the customers.

It is also crucial to understand that not every customer can purchase the expensive versions or are not willing to spend on them. Consider cross-selling to these customers as they can access affordable products and services.

2. Offer Great Deals

Offering incentives on the ecommerce store will help you gain better leads and customer trust. This lets the customer know that you value the customers and put effort into making their purchase better.

So, upselling is more effective when you offer free shipping, special discounts, and more to reduce cart abandonment.

3. Personalize The Store Experience

Shopify has various tools and resources to ensure customer personalization using predictive analysis depending on their interaction. This might be their browsing history, previous purchases, wish-listed products, and more.

It gives you access to customer interests and boosts the accuracy of cross-selling and upselling.

4. Build Urgency For Certain Products

Introducing time-sensitive offers plays with the customers’ psychology, giving you the advantage of upselling and cross-selling. The Fear-Of-Missing-Out may convince the customers to make a purchase faster.

This allows you to provide a discount or offer a chance to upgrade with a heavy discount. Also, you can suggest relevant items at affordable prices. Combining the sense of urgency and cross-selling or upselling will boost sales.

5. Bundling The Products

This is a selling strategy where products are grouped and sold as a single unit. Bundling is used with discounts to increase purchases by customers. There are many extensions available for Shopify that will help to bundle the right products. There are two types of this:

  • Pure Bundles: This means that customers must purchase the combination as there is no option to buy them individually.
  • Mixed Bundles: This gives the freedom to buy the products individually or in bundles. This feature can be added in the “Frequently bought together” section.

6. Provide Comparison

It is a smart way to showcase multiple products’ benefits, users, and features, which might make customers consider upgrading the product. They will be able to understand the value of the products and make the right decision.

This is a smart strategy to upsell the products as you can showcase the reasons for investing in a premium version.

7. Suggestions Post-purchase

Sometimes you need to inform customers about the products and services before they make a purchase. This can be managed with multiple strategies like:

  • Complimentary Products: Provide them with a list of products relevant to the products they have added to the cart.
  • Gifts: Give freebies to new or loyal customers, which helps to retain them for a longer interval and rely on your brand for future purchases.
  • Provide Samples: Small trial packs sometimes can lead to large purchases. So, offering a sample of the products or services will increase awareness and boost sales.
  • Additional Services: Make a smart deal with customers by encouraging them to buy other services at reasonable prices. This can be a warranty, security, or gifting option.

Summing it up!

Make sure to work on all the important strategies while working on the Shopify development. This ensures that it is ready to generate potential leads and retain them for longer intervals when you are live on the digital platform.

Our last piece of advice is to ensure that you follow a data-driven approach to make all the business decisions.

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